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Atmos Astra Features

  • Stainless Steel Design

  • Anti-Scratch & Damage Proof

  • Ceramic Glass Heating Element

  • No Coils

  • 2000mAH of Power 

  • 2 Days Without Charging

  • Wired USB Charging (Vape While Charging) 

  • Interchangeable Batteries 

  • Stainless Steel Loading Cups

  • Pocket-Portability Only 6.7" Tall, .95" Diameter

  • Convection Turbo-Path Vaporization 

  • Removable Lithium Ion 2000 Li Battery 

  • Quick Heat-Up Time 

  • 5 Year Warrant

Atmos Astra Includes

1 - Lithium Ion 2000mAh Battery
1 - Heating Chamber
1 - Mouthpiece/Filter
1 - Liquid & Waxy Cup
1 - Tweezers
1 - Cleaning Brush Tool
1 - Packing Tool
1 - USB Cable
1 - Wall Charger
1 - User Manual

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Atmos Astra

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The Atmos Astra vaporizer is one of the best types of portable vaporizers in the world. It has 5 different types of heating levels to where you can control the temperature with a tap of the button. With its heavy-duty design and the ceramic glass heating chamber, you'll get the highest-grade purity of quality vapor you can experience with a portable vaporizer. The pure ceramic anodized heating chamber makes it to where you won't have to worry about any type of carcinogens burning and being inhaled. The Atmos Astra is a little under 7" and it will fit into any pocket and sustain any type of accidental drop you could possibly make. There are no coils or any type of metal heating element built with this device as it uses all ceramic heating with a glass chamber and blows hot air from the oven up toward the botanical from the inhalation from the consumer. The Atmos Astra comes with a powerful 2000mAH lithium Ion 2000 battery to let you use the vaporizer for a full 6 hours of continuous use without having to charge the unit. With the Atmos Astra, You get a 5-year warranty which will cover the heating element and battery.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Design
The Astra is a complete and durable vaporizer using a stainless steel outer shell which is damage proof and also scratch proof. The Atmos Astra is very light-weight and only weighs 8 ounces and is 6.7" tall with a .94" diameter rim with a well-rounded design. With the rounded design, it is shaped to easily fit in and out of your pocket without it getting tangled up. The mouthpiece is a rubber cone shaped made easily to pop off on the go with no hassle. This vaporizer fits snug around your hand as its durable round build makes it easy to grip around for leveraged handle. The Atmos Astra design features air-flow intake holes which help regulate more vapor production based on the strength of pull. The inside lining of the Astra is made out of ceramic glass. The glass lining gives the purity taste to preserve. The Atmos Astra is a strong, durable vaporizer that looks similar to a vape pen which will withstand accidental falls.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Battery Power
The Atmos Astra is powered with a strong lithium Ion 2000 battery which is capable of producing 428 Degrees Fahrenheit of powered and can hold a constant charge of over 6 hours. The 6 air-holes toward the top with 20 bottom holes provide a powerful turbo-air-intake vaping system that helps vaporize the botanical evenly. The removable battery portion of the Astra lets you able to function with new batteries if you have a spare to use on-the-go without having to wait for the old one to charge. It Uses a Micro-USB charging system which comes with the cord and wall charger with purchase. The Atmos Astra will last for hours on a single charge giving you the ability to use the vaporizer anyplace at any time without worrying about charging it. Charging the Atmos Astra only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer Temperature Control Settings
The Atmos Astra has 5 different levels of vaporization, perfect for vaping at very low settings of 356 degrees Fahrenheit to high levels of 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The 5 levels : 356F, 374F, 392F, 410F & 428F are all controlled with a press of the button. The heat regulates also with the power from inhalation and gives you precise hot air onto the herbal material that extracts the active botanical into the purified gas form of vapor. 

Using The Atmos Astra Vaporizer
When you use the Atmos Astra, remove the rubber mouthpiece and load pure-fine ground herbs into the herbal chamber. Snap on the rubber mouthpiece and press the power button 5 times quickly which you'll see the indicator light of how much battery power flash which should show green, press quickly 3 times to select the temperature level and wait for the button to turn solid which will indicate to you the vaporizer has reached the optimal temperature selected. You will get about 10 - 15 quality pulls with a full chamber before having to replace the herb chamber with new fresh ground herbs. It'll take about 25 seconds for the Astra to reach the lowest temperature level and once that's reached it'll take 10 seconds to reach each heating level.

Atmos Astra Vaporizer For Sale

The Atmos Astra Vaporizer is one of the top herbal vaporizer anodized-convection portable vaporizers to own. Each person should own the Atmos Astra if they want a high-quality vaporizer to use on-the-go anywhere without worrying about running into any type of problems. The Atmos Astra comes with a manufacturers 5 year warranty and it'll be able to vaporize any type of dry-herb material with precise functionality. This Robust vaporizer is yours to own for under $120

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Additional Information

Brands Atmos
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection)
Warranty Info 5 Years
Year Invented 2015
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs
Temperature Range 356°F - 428°F
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Price Group Under $150
Color Black
Vape Style Portable Draw
Vape Height 6 Inches
vapor type Portable Herb


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