2016's Smart Portable Vaporizers For Sale

Portable Smart vaporizers for sale in 2016 are the new growth-trend of the vaporizer industry.There's plenty of new portable vaporizers of 2016 that have hit the market to make the marijuana vaping experience an even more pleasurable time when using to medically consume marijuana. Portable vaporizers are the number 1 selling vaporizer devices finally passing vape pens in late 2016. Many companies that never focused on portable vaporizers are now going all in, and many companies that have focused on portable vaporizers are now making them bigger, stronger, longer and smart. This is why we've seeked the influx of smart vaporizers as the majority of smart vaporizers are portable vaporizers.

What is a Smart Vaporizer?

To consider any type of vaporizer to be smart is simply based on the electronics inside of portable vaporizer. All the handheld device needs to include is a mother-board which is also a microprocessor that relays each function inputted by the consumer. The Motherboard is the brain of the vaporizer and has different technologies that function the smart system chip so you can customize the entire vaping experience.

Smart Portable Vaporizer Features:

 A smart portable vaporizer will have one of the following features to consider it a smart vaporizer; 
  • Blue-tooth Technology
  • Advanced Memory Settings
  • Advanced Temperature Setting Customization
  • Custom Vaping Experience
  • Hybrid Versatility
  • Vibration Detection Settings
  • Material Type & Capacity Detection

Knowing what makes a vaporizer smart with the different types of methods a vaporizer can be considered a smart vaporizer is the fact that there needs to be certain types of features. (1)Blue-tooth Technology(2)Memory Settings is self-explanatory as the motherboard will store user-functionality into its chip so it will remember the previously used settings that will give you the same settings last used or stored in its hard-drive which will further optimize your experience every time. (3)Advanced Temperature setting is the 3rd feature you can have to be able to consider your vaporizer a smart device. The vaping setting for temperature setting is similar to the memory feature as being able to control the precise setting and while in the same session be able to program the advanced temperature setting to alternate upwards after every puff taken. An example - First puff 369 degrees F, second puff - 372 degrees, third puff 378 degrees and so on. Having this smart feature will give you the most optimal performance no matter what puff you're on till all the botanical is extracted and this keeps up with your performance. (4)Custom Vaping Experience would be when you can modify each setting and feature the vaporizer can offer for example; Being able to turn on the vaporizer and set the vaporizer to shut off after 6 puffs using the puff counter in any type of session or, being able to set a time limit until the vaporizer shuts off. (5)Hybrid Versatility is when you can integrate certain function with the heating like when you can use conduction heating simultaneously with convection heating and be able to have a unique experience with herbs and waxes at the same time just like the Haze Dual Vaporizer can provide. (6) Vibration Detection Is when the vaporizer will vibrate and alert you when a specific function or change is made within the vaporizer. This is one of the more basic smart features but still relies on a micro-processor to execute this order of change. (7)Material Type Capacity Detection is when the vaporizer would be able to detect the exact type of material loaded inside the chamber to further optimize the vaporization experience which will tell you if wax, herb or oil is loaded and measure the viscosity as well as the capacity. This is an important smart setting to have and one of the most valuable smart settings as it will optimize your best possible temperature setting as well as heating power which will give you the best performance.

Portable Vaporizer & Marijuana Political Aspects

How many new portable vaporizers will we see in 2016? The year is rounding up, we are in the fourth quarter of business, we are seeing many new portable vaporizer innovation that keeps taking the market by storm. There's a reason why portable vaporizers are leading the way for the marijuana industry. Portable vaporizer sales generate over $90 million in sales per year. Getting feedback from customers include all the beneficial values such as; increased battery for longer recreational/outside use, stronger potency of over 90%, 99% filtration of all carcinogens and the many different methods of vaping while on-the-go. The industry is backed up by many legalizations and the new politicians that want to see the country grow. The only real way for this country to be great again would to simply give the green light to legalized every single drug that we invest billions of dollars per year to engage in the drug war and constantly devalues our nation more into debt. We are taking small steps and are making better things happening. Our economy grows every time marijuana is legalized and decriminalized as we are seeing many more studies of good innovations, ideas and cures that marijuana produces. This November, it is predicted that 4 new states out of the 9 being voted to legalize marijuana will win from the pre-poll voting numbers. Florida is a huge win this election to vote cannabis in as a medically legal herb to be put into circulation in the Florida market. This will give millions of jobs for the state of Florida, having this happen will be an industry changer.

2016 Portable Smart Vaporizers For Sale

Best Portable Smart Vaporizers To Buy Online

HipVap Vaporizer For Sale

Price: $119

Buy HipVap Smart Vaporizer

HipVap Vaporizer For Sale

Compatibility: Herbs, Oils, Waxes

Portable Smart Vaporizer Style: (2)Advanced Memory Settings, (3)Advanced Temperature Control Settings

The Hip Vap Portable vaporizer is a monster smart portable vaporizer that's capable of doing lots of things most other portable vaporizers cannot do. This vaporizer is designed to be able to remember the previous vaporization settings which will optimize the future vaporization sessions in store for the consumer. As this portable vaporizer holds smart technology, the Advanced Temperature Control setting simultaneously work with the memory settings. With wide temperature range, the Hip Vap can heat up from 150 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit which make this a very versatile vaporizer especially since it can vaporize not only herbs, but also waxes and oils to be able to dab your hash oils or wax shatter. The large herbal chamber is very capable of holding well over a gram of materials while you're able to air-tight lock the chamber so no odor will emmit. You can set the session to last as little as 60 seconds all the way up to 10 minutes. The overall dimensions make this a small-handheld vaporizer with dimensions 3.5” x 2.4" x 1" and a 14oz lightweight portable vaporizer using indestructible materials that are damage proof. Custom set the Fahrenheit levels in 2 degree increments (From 150°F - 430° F) which is a vast range to created to be able to vaporize any type of materials such as waxes, herbs and oils as it comes with 8 oil wicks and a dabbing cup. Since the HipVap comes with two 1700mAH 3.7v lithium ion powered batteries, 3400mAH of battery energy which gives you over 4 hours of vape time.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer For Sale

Price: $270

Davinci IQ Different Colors

First Look of the Davinci IQ Portable Vaporizer For Sale

Compatibility: Herbs

Portable Smart Vaporizer Style: (1)Blue-tooth Technology, (2)Advanced Memory Settings, (3)Advanced Temperature Control Settings

The Davinci IQ is a brand new portable vaporizer for sale. It is a portable smart vaporizer for sale that has been in the making for the last 3 years. It features unbelievable smart type of features with blue-tooth technology that allows the vaporizer owner to seamlessly control the exact type of precision needed to execute the most flawless and perfect vaping session without ever tasting any type of foreign taste or harmful carcinogen. The Davinci IQ is the pioneer of perfection and one of the highest rating user satisfied vaporizers in the world. It does things no other vaporizer can stack up to and is very much the best portable vaporizer in the world surpassing the Mighty and Crafty as far as performance, perfection and taste at a far lesser price than the Popular Storz & Bickel vaporizer. The Davinci IQ uses a powerful 3600mAH 18650 lithium ion battery. The IQ has 4 smart path temperature settings and a very unique 109 LED lights that power the vaporizer as the Temperature Control Settings 250-430° F give plenty of range for any type of herb. Herbal Chamber Capacity Level Indicator gives you the perfect indication of the exact amount of materials and type of herb in the chamber. With session control you can use the Puff counter to set the length of vaping. With the Davinci IQ Blue-tooth technology you can archive your vaporizer performance and history to get past stats of past usage history, past settings used, past vaping time length, past herb chamber capacity levels as well as getting optimal performance tips based on the past settings as you can create a consumer IQ profile and measure your IQ vaporizer stats compared to other users that own the IQ which gives you a barometer of the type of vaping needed to be able to compare your stats to another user's stats which will give you ease of mind if you need to know if you're using the Davinci IQ Properly

Vaporite Cosmic Vaporizer

Price: $140

Compatibility: Herbs

Handheld Vape Pen Smart Vaporizer Style: (1)Blue-tooth Technology, (2)Advanced Memory Settings, (3)Advanced Temperature Control Settings

Vaporite Cosmic Vape Pen is an upper class smart vaporizer that utilizes its (1)bluetooth technology which makes it one of the smartest vape pens in the world. You can choose to use blue-tooth settings or optional generic settings. It has 7 color coded LED lights on the external design which is going to indicate the exact temperature currently set if you're just using the regular temperature settings, It has a wide advanced temperature range of Level 1 (Blue) - 320°F and goes all the way to Level 7 (Red) - 428°F; which is the perfect temperature range you need to get the job done no matter what kind of herb you use. There's a blue-tooth app integration to where you can download the app on the app store so you can be in complete control of what setting you'd like to enable . The Vaporite Cosmic uses a powerful battery as it has 2200mAH of battery power which would give you over 3 hours of continuous vaping time. The Puff counter allows you to see how many pulls you have taken and can also be set for the puff amount where you can set the vaporizer to temperature up after every puff to optimize the performance after any time you need to get a good quality vaping experience. THe App integrates so many beneficial features which gives you an edge on exactly what you're trying to accomplish for vaping. The app specifically adjust for the safety and optimization performance of your vaporizer which is going to give you the best vape pen experience you need every time you use this vaporizer. Perfect for flavor enhancement and battery conservation, the Vaporite Cosmic has an auto-shutoff feature which will save you valuable power so you can use the Vaporite Cosmic any time under any circumstance. To top everything off, the Vaporite Cosmic comes with an added bonus as the water filtration device it comes with will not only give you more purity taste but will also give you a cool vapor output while filtering out any type of carcinogens that aren't pure and may harm you. The biggest advantage of owning the Vaporite Cosmic is the fact it uses blue-tooth technology as well as an expensive Pyrex glass filter. When you want a powerful portable vape pen, it is the Vaporite Cosmic that will allow you to reap all the benefits when buying a quality vaporizer system.

  • I bought the Haze vaporizer 3.0 over 2 years ago. I've tried all the different versions since the original version. This latest update on the Haze was their best. They made a tighter range of preset temperatures that you can select. There is 4 different temperatures as well as 4 different colors. I bought a blue one for a bargain with you guys. With $20 knocked down off my price I was able to afford the water tool attachment. This made everything more exciting. I used my Haze 3.0 with my water bong and integrated the two to work together. I put ice inside my bong and was able to put the Haze in the connection hole. Once connected to both tools, I turned the Haze on, and pulled out icy-cool vapor tasting pure, and strong. I would want anyone that finds out about this product to give it a try. You will see that it is well worth the $250 to own a premium portable vaporizer.