Are Herbal Vaporizers Worth The Investment?

As the early 2000's came along, new inventions had hit the market. Electronic cigarettes where introduced as a healthier alternative to stop smoking. Couple years into a successful run with electronic cigarettes, a group of smart, vapor enthusiasts came together and brainstormed high-quality, fully functional dry herb vaporizers. It was first the oil pen vaporizers that had flooded the market and sold like hot cakes. As technology advanced, more and more sophisticated vaporizers have hit the market. It was soon possible to vaporize herbs without it reaching the combustion levels.

The perfect solution for a cigarette smoker would be a highly efficient pen vaporizer. Many smokers assume when they've made the decision to go out and buy a vaporizer, that it will be the clear winner in preventing them from ever smoking again. Many are wrong with this assumption and that the simple fact is, they will quickly miss the taste of a cigarette. The good thing is that nicotine oil costs round $5-$7 depending on its quality. You'll only need to buy new bottles 2 times a month and switching to a pen vaporizer can save the user over $2,000 a year by lowering the costs of cigarettes purchased every month to around 1 pack every 3 days if you're a daily smoker. The only way to fully stop from ever puffing on a burning cigarette would be to find the highest quality tobacco oil you can find. You'll surely miss smoking your cigarettes, with tobacco oil you'll only smoke a pack every 5 days. It is a really smart way to invest in yourself as it would lower your healthcare costs in the long run since vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens.

What to look for when buying a pen vaporizer for the daily smoker?

So if you've made the decision to go ahead and purchase an oil pen vaporizer, there are a few things you'll need to look for in a good unit to prevent problems from occurring. Wick-less vaporizers are the way to go as it doesn't require you to buy new wicks. Replacing wicks can get very annoying and only cheap vaporizers use wicks. The power of the vaporizer is the 2nd thing you need to look for in finding a reliable pen vaporizer. 800-1200 mAH of battery power is the range you need to look for when buying a vapor pen. A strong vaporizer that has that much power will produce thick vapor and last up to 48 hours of reliable use with only one charge. The standard unit will take around 2-4 hours to charge up which isn't that bad. The best pen vaporizer for smokers would be the White Rhino Oil Pen vaporizer, it only will costs $48.95 which you can buy this cheap pen vaporizer at HealthVaporizers.Com .

Now the question is...

Best Vaporizer For Daily Herb Smoker?

Many don't know this but a herbal vaporizer provides carcinogen free experience for the user. There are over 450 different types of chemicals in herb when you burn. When you vaporize, there's only one type of chemical which is the active ingredient THC. Aside from the purity of vapor there's also another incentive to using a herb vaporizer, 85% increase in strength. This means you're concentrating the potency levels to increase which will give you a more intense experience and make sure you will save more herb by utilizing a vaporizer. So if you smoke weed every single day, the average user will save over $6,000 a year, well worth investing $250 for a high quality vaporizer.

There are 3 types of vaporizers – dry pen vaporizer, portable vaporizer, table top vaporizer. If you're a daily herb smoker you need to invest in both types; portable vaporizer and a desktop vaporizer (table top).

Haze Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are very handy and produce high quality vaping on the go and usually are masked as a copy cat of a piece of equipment or technology like the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer (Cell-Phone look) that'll throw off nosy people. There are portable vaporizers that can even force vapor out without you having to draw on it. The best portable vaporizer is the Haze Vaporizer since it is very versatile with high quality components. The Haze is both a convection vaporizer as well as a conduction vaporizer and is capable of vaporizing with both types of heating simultaneously. This is the first portable dual vaporizer that can do both types of heating and at the same time! The Haze Vaporizer is a really hard unit to get a hold of cause of its quality and amazing capabilities. If you are able to get one, you'll feel better about the 10 year manufacturers warranty that will cover any dysfunctions you come across using the Haze.

Davinci Ascent Vaporizer

Here are the best things to own while chilling at your house, watching the game, smoking your weed. A Desktop vaporizer which is a stationary unit that doesn't use batteries and plugs into an outlet to output electricity. The best things about desktop vaporizers is they are made with more heavy duty components. They usually are more reliable to vaporize your weed evenly and can be more effective. It is important to own a desktop unit especially if you burn every day. There are tons of units out there for sale and if you are a lower income individual, you can lean toward the DaBuddha which will run around $150. But if you value your health and your money you'll easily choose the best desktop vaporizer in the world which is the Volcano Vaporizer. There is no other vaporizer in the world that competes with the Volcano. It is a cool convection vaporizer which uses balloons that pushes vapor inside so you can hold it inside the balloon and inhale vapor as you need.

If you already have different types of vaporizers, then this article may be of help to your vape collection. If you don't have any type of vaporizer yet, hopefully this article will help you to decide to TAKE ACTION and invest in a good vaporizer by shopping at HealthVaporizers.Com a place that has the best vaporizers in the world at the lowest price.