Atmos Orbit Vape Pen

July 2014, the Atmos Orbit was invented which is a vaporizer that some categorize as a portable vaporizer but is truly a pen vaporizer. It has a thicker dimension than most pen vaporizers but is still oval and the circumstance is still rounded. The Atmos orbit has some unique features that haven't been seen in any other type of vaporizers. The Atmos Orbit is truly a great pen vaporizer and has a unique suede leather handle to give the user a better grip and uses exterior titanium technology. The Atmos Orbit has a big battery and can vaporize for over 4 hours at optimal use before having to charge the permanent lithium Ion battery to the USB micro charging connection. This pen vaporizer is around 6 inches tall and can hold about .9 grams of herbal material filled up giving you the session time of about 10 - 15 potent pulls before having to reload it with more herbal materials.

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Atmos Orbit Vaporizer

Atmos Orbit Features

The Atmos Orbit Vape pen can be purchased at for $109 With the Atmos Orbit being the #1 pen vaporizer in the line-up of best dry herb vape pens, it is realization that this is one of the best selling herb vape pens out in the industry and has become to be one of the leading vaporizers to own. The High grade ceramic glass heating core is the mainline for the Atmos Orbit. you'll never taste any type of metallic taste in your mouth when you use the Atmos Orbit. It has a smooth and durable thick feeling as the frame is very tight made out of titanium metal as this vape pen is practically indestructible and built to last a long time. The Anti-scratch resistant anodized shell is also a showcase the Atmos Orbit can flaunt in style with the internal LED lights that illuminate when vaping, allowing you to know exactly how much battery life is left and when the Orbit is ready to pull. The one button activation, makes the Orbit dummy proof as anyone can use this vape pen with ease as you just need to press 5 times very quick on the power button to unlock the Atmos Orbit and then click 3 times to select the vaporizer to begin heating with the pre-set temperature, the user can draw in harder to unravel even greater velocity of temperatures which will give you wide range on the amount of power being used with the Orbit as you will ultimately be able to ride the Orbit like a bike when using it for specific heating. From ranges of 360 – 409 Fahrenheit, you really can control the temperature range with a greater pull force which will turbo air-flow to the heating core and allow you to expand the Fahrenheit of the Atmos Orbit to get a greater pull force.
With the 5 year manufacturers warranty you get from the Atmos Orbit, be sure to always clean the Orbit with the cleaning brush to remove remaining debris if you want the Orbit to last forever. This durable vaporizer standing 8 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches in diameter, the Orbit will still be able to fit in your pocket. The size of the Orbit is considered a con to a lot of users but the performance is flawless and the amount of herb you can fill, almost a gram is a steal deal when buying the Atmos Orbit for performance.



How To Use The Atmos Orbit

Press 5 times quickly to unlock the safety lock which is incorporated to prevent the vaporizer from heating in your pocket. Load yourself fresh ground herbs from the grinder and pop off the rubber mouthpiece, there's no heating coil and all you do is load the herbs on-top of the screen for fresh and flavorful vaporization, the Atmos Orbit is a top-notch vapor pen and best used on-the-go. The strong lithium Ion battery which plug into a micro-USB outlet will give you performance time of upwards of 4 hours and charging time takes around 2 hours.
Product Features:

  • High Grade Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Scratch Resistant Anodized Shell
  • Leather Base Grip
  • Internal LED Light
  • One-Button Activation
  • Easy to Use

Accessories (Included):

  • 1 x Chamber Connector
  • 1 x Rubber Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
$109 Buy The Atmos Orbit Vape Pen