Dr. Dabber Ghost Dabbing Pen Review

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer has been the #1 dab pen vaporizer for the past 2 years in the row since it has been launched back in 2014. It is one of the top used vape pens in the industry and constantly gets the most sales for being the best vape pen. The Dr. Dabber Ghost has unprecedented features that divide it from its competitors and constantly stays at #1, all the time as the Dr. Dabber Ghost is widely the most popular vape pen and has the technology enhanced to back up its performance as it uses a titanium metal coil with hand-wrapped silica wick that locks in the flavor so your waxes soak right into the wick and when turned on saturate to vaporize purified, thick, flavorful pulls that are very potent and maintain the exact taste without charring the hash oil or wax flavor being vaped.

Titanium dabber the dr dabber ghost

Dr Dabber Coil That uses Titanium wrapped around quality silica wick

Dr. Dabber Ghost Performance

In this review of the Dr. Dabber Ghost we measured everything needed to successfully use the vaporizer. We loaded .2 grams of wax shatter into the glass globe attachment. The whole purpose for the glass globe attachment is to liquidate and store your oils for later use and when used, you will see the amount of hash-oils and concentrates the actual glass globe attachment can hold as it serves as a holding tank for later use. We took a chunk of wax shatter and melted it in the wax atomizer. Upon looking and observing the atomizer, you will clearly see a brownish metal which is known as titanium and can withstand picking, pulling, cleaning and many other accidental abuse because the metal won't wear down or break out of the atomizer since the structure is locked in tight. When you load your wax dab on the Dr. Dabber Ghost's atomizer, you put around .3 grams of wax and load it straight on that metal coil. With the low temperature setting of 356 degrees Fahrenheit, you will notice when you pull as the heat is instant at optimal performance, the vaping quality very high, no burnt / char taste when vaping with the Dr. Dabber ghost.. Getting the best vapor possible is the goal, low heat settings + titanium coils work the best, the Dr. Dabber team seemed to nail it down with some of the best performances in the industry. I love this vaporizer and anyone looking to buy the Dr. Dabber is of course getting the best deal.

Dr Dabber Ghost Design

The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a high-quality wax dabbing vape pen that's well machined and made in the USA. There's no button rattle like there's in many cheap vape pens and it has a nice, strong but sleek feel to it. With the finish, you will notice a blemishing sparkle to it which gives it a nice overall finish. I don't like the mouthpiece since it is plastic, it draws a big concern, it seemed to handle my entire vaping session but not sure if the mouthpiece would last to long even though it is heat safe, I'd like to see a rubber mouthpiece or a quartz crystal glass mouthpiece. The overall design to the Dr. Dabber is flawless, the overall outer skelton seem strong enough to handle high-heating without burning your hand to the touch, I had no problem with that and was able to easily fit the unit in my pocket and use it on the go being able to easily load my wax shatter onto the titanium atomizer. Internally there's a all stainless steel structure featuring ceramic glass internal parts and a titanium heating coil hand-wrapped around a silica wick to complete the atomizer. The Glass Globe attachment that comes with it has a titanium heating rod coil without having to use a wick that normally burns out quickly after heavy use but can't with the Dr. Dabber Ghost.

Quality Of Dr Dabber

Taking my time to overlook all the parts and performance I've come to understand that the quality of the Dr. Dabber is one of the best quality wax dabbing pen vaporizers I've ever layed my stoner fingers on. The Ni-Chrome titanium is so good, vapes without burning with our set temperature being at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. You won't know how important it is to have a low heating temperature until you use the Dr. Dabber ghost but it is very important not only for the taste & flavor but for the quality as there isn't going to be any char types of taste using the Ghost. It is the best dabbing vaap pen in the world, the output of vapor is dense but not to thick you couldn't handle. Ive noticed if I take light pulls, I get a quality hit and no nasty taste unlike simlar wax pens. You will enjoy every puff.

Using The Dr. Dabber

You just take the Dr. Dabber Ghost and load a tiny bit of concentrate either in the wax atomizer or in the glass globe attachment. Take the Dr. Dabber dab tool with about .2 grams of concentrate and load it gently on the heating coil. Press the button, the good part with the Dr. Dabber is, it sucks the concentrate even further into the heating element so nothing will spill out or cause a mess for loading. One dab will result in a finished vape session, not because 1 pull is all you get but because it is so potent, you won't be used to it and it will KO you to where you're fully medicated and satisfied it is that strong and powerful. You're getting a bang for your buck for the prices especially since you get a 1 year manufacturers warranty to protect your investment.