Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze has come out with new vaporizer which is supposed to be one of the newest and most innovative vaporizer in the world. It is called the Haze Square Portable vaporizer and has many new features that stick out to make this one of the best portable vaporizers in the world. This is one of the most versatile vaporizers in the world. The vaporizers exterior base is made out of complete, 100% Aluminum Alloy metals making the Square a heavy-duty but light-weight portable vaporizer. The design is made out of a square ensuring it can fit right into your pocket with a fully compatibly 3 different loading canisters to put into the 3 different bowl where you can load any type of substance you desire. The Haze Square lets you fulfill any type of demand you need. If you need to load inside waxes, oils, concentrates or herbs the Square will allow you to use all of these at the same time. You just adjust which bowl you want to use and continue to vape on as the Haze Square uses a microprocessor chip inside it to give you the most accurate heating without any combustion, altering your vaping session. The Haze will give you the cleanest and most pure, flavorful vaping experience possible.

Haze Square Features

Internal Picture of the Haze Square Portable Vaporizer

A Picture Of The Haze Square Vaporizer To See What The Inside Looks Like

Release Date For The Haze Square
It is still unclear of the exact date of the Haze Square. Haze Technologies won't directly answer this question when we asked them but said the vaporizer will be available for the public to order before Black Friday November 2016. This is going to be one of the most anticipated portable vaporizers in the world! The Haze Square will make history!

The Haze Square has many features you want to see in a high grade, premium portable vaporizer like the Square. It has a powerful battery system to where you have over 2600mAH of battery energy which is a lot of energy that will last at optimal performance for over 3 hours of non-stop use. The External charging port will fully charge your batteries in less than 2 hours making it a quick process to be able to continue to vaporize without ever having to worry about charging delays. The Haze Square has a heating system that provide low-heating to give you the maximum results without worry about the chamber burning your botanical into smoke. If this were to happen it would defeat the entire process of owning a vaporizer and buying the Haze Square, your will always experience the best vaporization sessions every single time since the persistence in the Haze Square is beyond amazing, it is pure greatness!

With the Quality and detail, time and passion put into the development of the Haze Square, this is the vaporizer that ensures none of the vapor will ever leak through the new and easy sliding door since it has a silicone gasket to lock the door shut which no vapor can possibly ever escape. Producing vapor in less than 3 seconds the Haze Square is a very powerful portable vaporizer that gives you maximum results. With the Micro-processor which in place, there's a hepatic feedback system called the lightning feedback which gives an instant respond to any setting for heating, puff count or any materials used, the Haze Square will synchronize into this setting.

Haze Square Performance

The Haze Square is better than its predecessor the haze dual vaporizer. The Haze square is very easy to use and will give you maximum temperatures in under 6 seconds which makes you more at-ease since you know that you can get the best portable vaporizer in the word with a unique heating system. There's 3 different stainless steel bowls inside the haze Square. While you are vaping, you can load all three bowls with any type of botanical The Haze Square has smart technology called the Feedback hepatic vibration technology which uses a micro-processor to emit the different levels of heating and will notify the system as well as you when the heating has reached the set temperature. The Haze Square has a sliding door as it has a very easy access to make it the easiest process when loading your botanical inside the heating chamber area. This is one of the easiest things to do when you have the Haze Square in use, you have four high grade heating bowls that will give you the best and most optimal performance for any type of substance as the smart technology inside the Haze will automatically adjust and kick the technology in place when you're using it. This means you will never experience any type of combustion or any type of hot spot when you're using the Haze since it will know the difference between liquid oils, waxy oils and herbs. The Haze Square has a unique Pyrex glass air-path that will allow you to have a cool and flavorful vaping session.

Haze Square Design

Inside the haze square vaporizer

Internal Components and the inside of the Haze Square Portable Vaporizer

Haze Square has a unique design that will give you the space and performance needed to comfortably use the Square anywhere you need to take the Haze as the high quality technology will give you the performance of a life-time. It is only 3 inches tall and weighs only 25 grams. Since it is made out of aluminum alloy, it makes it easy to hold, carry around and not give an uncomfortable and hassle weight and size to it since every portable vaporizer should have the passion and technology behind it before you would think about buying such an expensive device and worry about taking it around in public and travel. The haze vaporizer has 4 different stainless steel canisters and 3 different heating levels. The Low heating settings the haze square has will The Haze Square has pre-set temperatures of 365, 380 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED light will blink once you hit the desired temperature and will also blink specific to how much battery life is left. Being made out of grade A, 100% aluminum build makes it comforting to know you have a strong and durable unit made out of aluminum metal, knowing this is the best and most high quality metal to use as it is the lightest type of metal with the most durable make for vaping. Loading the canisters is a very fun and easy task and working, turning the temperatures and using the Haze is also one of the easiest tasks for you to use.

How To Buy The Haze Vaporizer

Haze is one of the most popular name brand vaporizer companies in the world . They've made headlines back in 2015 when they were in the 25 losing Celebrities HollyWulf bags where they got over $100,000 in gifts inside a gift bag and the Haze vaporizer was one of them. This mark made history for a vaporizer company to be featured In the Emmy's making their debut in the marketing approach for the Haze it pretty much propelled the haze company into a mass marketing run. The Haze Square is an amazing, small and unique portable vaporizer to where it is only 3 inches tall and 25 grams in weight. It is by far the smallest and most effective and discreet portable vaporizer in the world. The slide in-out door makes it easy for you to navigate through the vaporizer to be able to get the best possible results and loading time. With 3 different loading areas, the haze square is the vaporizer that will do it all. Vaping herbs, oils and waxes with 4 different stainless steel canisters will make for the best vaporization imaginable. The Haze Square is the most useful and unique portable vaporizer.

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  • Kari

    The Haze Vaporizer is an amazing portable vaporizer. It is one of the best vaporizers imo. I love that it has different mouthpieces that you feel comfortable using depending on the one you pick. The Haze vaporizer has really high quality heating and temperature system. The newest version has it right as t he temperatures are perfect for vaping both concentrates or herbal products. When I used herb, the vaporizer precisely vaped my herbal material to near perfection. I was able to get the most potent hits without inhaling any carcinogens. The Haze Vaporizer 3.0 is a well constructed and well made portable vape that anyone should own. The dual vaporization makes for the best experience since you have loaded botanical of both herb and concentrates ready for vaporization. The Storage compartment is a very useful and handy tool that holds the mouthpiece.

    The best part about the Haze Vaporizer 3.0 is the 10 year warranty plan Haze offers, and the upgrade plan. This makes you feel good about the premium spent investment you made. This vaporizer gives you a loaded 2400mAh battery where you always have energy left for using the Haze 3.0 all day.

  • chris

    I bought the Haze vaporizer 3.0 over 2 years ago. I've tried all the different versions since the original version. This latest update on the Haze was their best. They made a tighter range of preset temperatures that you can select. There is 4 different temperatures as well as 4 different colors. I bought a blue one for a bargain with you guys. With $20 knocked down off my price I was able to afford the water tool attachment. This made everything more exciting. I used my Haze 3.0 with my water bong and integrated the two to work together. I put ice inside my bong and was able to put the Haze in the connection hole. Once connected to both tools, I turned the Haze on, and pulled out icy-cool vapor tasting pure, and strong. I would want anyone that finds out about this product to give it a try. You will see that it is well worth the $250 to own a premium portable vaporizer.