Conduction Vaporizers Vs Convection Vaporizers Vs Induction Vaporizers

There are two methods of vaporization, one is convection vaporization and the other is conduction vaporization. There's a fine line of the performance of the two heating styles and the fact that these are the two main types of vaporization. The newest type of heating is induction vaporization which we will get into that type of heating later on.

What is Conduction Vaporization?

Conduction vaporization is the most popular type of heating style which most vape pens utilize. It simply put, the botanicals which is the active ingredient that you intend to vaporize lay directly on the heating element / coil. This means that the heating coil will heat up and vaporize anything laying directly on top of the heating coil. The downfall is that this method doesn't have much expansion in the midst of vaporizing so the amount of substances vaped is limited to the surface area of where the botanical rests upon. Conduction vaporizer heating method will vape most of the time unevenly if you do not stimulate or shake the heating chamber of the botanical so that they can evenly distribute vaporization for the entire heating chamber.

Conduction vaporization

Conduction Vaporization is when the botanical rests directly on the heating element to create vapor

What is Convection Vaporization?

Convection vaporization is common in desktop vaporizers & portable vaporizers. There's to types of convection vaporizers and the more expensive type consists of a fan. Convection vaporization is when hot air blows against the botanical to extract into vapor and blows out of a stem mouthpiece or silicone tube through a glass mouthpiece. The 2nd type consists of when air is circulated from inhalation and vortexes against the botanical from the hot air to create vapor. Either way, these two types are popular methods of vaporization and occur when the hot air extracts into the vapor gas. This is the most consistent form of vaporization and a more in-demand type since the air circulates evenly throughout the heating chamber and risks less of a chance of combustion which would render vaporization ineffective if smoke were to ever produce.

Convection Vs Conduction Vaporization

conduction vaporizers vs convection vaporizers vs induction vaporizers

Conduction Vaporizers

Now that you've read exactly how convection and conduction heating works, there are many different variables when searching for high and effective performance. When deciding to choose from convection to conduction, you have to figure out exactly how you're vaping. As you'd want to use a conduction atomizer to dab your waxes using a vaporizer such as the Dr. Dabber Ghost which is rated one of the best dabbing pens in the world. This unit uses a titanium heating element and the whole purpose is to expose the heating directly for the substance to vaporizer when you dab your wax pieces.

Convection Vaporization - Everything You Need To Know

So you're looking in the right direction since you're interested in convection vaporizers. The best fact of these vaporizers is the effectiveness on the amount of vapor it produces. Since the hot air circulates throughout the heating chamber, every botanical is effectively getting vaporized so you don't actually have to shake or stir the heating chamber once you take a couple draw of your vape. A conduction vaporizer would be different, you'd have to stir and shake your herbs for it to vape every botanical in the heating chamber. This flaw is the reason why most consumers will fork out more money for a vaporizer with lots of technology.

Anodized Convection Vaporization

The types of vaporizers produce hot air when the user takes a draw out of the mouthpiece. The circulation is called vortex heating and the complexity of the vaporizers design makes it to where the hot air will fully circulate throughout the chamber. Vaporizers like the Atmos Boss use anodized heating when you wait the 45 seconds for the heating chamber to heat up, you can draw out and the air-flow and air-holes throughout the vaporizer will do its job. These vaporizers are very effective vaporizers but typically aren't the full on convection vaporization when a fan powers how air on the heating element.

Fan Powered Convection Vaporizers

Convection Vaporization

Hot Air Blows Against a Botanical to create vapor

Known as the most effective method of vaporization, desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers specialize in this type of heating. Most units have precise motherboards to save and power the heating settings specified by the consumer. Portable vaporizers like the Haze Vaporizer is one of the best fan generated powered fan portable vapes. This vaporizer has a specific type of heating that uses a high-powered fan that can propel hot air generated to vaporize the botanical. Not only does the Haze vaporizer use a fan to generate heat but it also has a specific type of anodized-conduction vaporization to instantly produce vapor to make this a dual vaporizer that can vape both herbs as well as wax dabbing when the consumer puts the oil pads inside the heating chamber. The Haze has two chambers so it has the technology to actually vape waxes and herbs simultaneously.

Induction Vaporization

Induction vaporization is a new heating technology that utilizes magnetic fields which induces current in the induction vessel. The heating technology is powered when the current supplies the heat to a passage within the underlying vessel. Induction vaporization is practically instant when it is pushing strong magnetic currents, a liquid or botanical is supplied to the passage where it is converted into vapor. Induction vaporization is more complex than conduction & convection vaporizers. A new discovery in induction vaporizer heating technology, this is the most powerful form of heating since it requires a micro-processor chip to be able to have control-ability within an induction vaporizer which would monitor the temperature settings, vaping settings, heating, vaping time and every other metric that would be governed by the induction heating supply.. Induction vaporizers are rather more expensive since it requires much more technology to produce and manufacture these types of vaporizers. You'll see in the future many new companies developing induction vaporizers since the heating source is very effective and precise as it all boils down to the amount of magnetic current go into the vessel lodge as this would be controlled with your OLED or LCD screen powered from a microprocessor chip to channel more current to produce greater heating forces.

Best Recommendations For Convection & Conduction Vaporizers

Vaping Herbs - Convection Vaporizer

Haze Vaporizer

Convection Fan Powered Haze Vaporizer is Best For Herbs

When you're vaping herbs I highly recommend you buy the Haze Vaporizer. It uses convection vaporization and has dual bowl so you can load your waxes and herbs and vape simultaneously. This system is set up using a strong fan that acts like a hair dry pushing hot air set from the 5 levels it has pre-set settings to vape the botanical into very pure vapor. The high quality stainless steel and the glass-on-glass heating atomizers make it a prestigious vaporizer and one of the best class of portable vaporizers on the market. You want to buy the haze vaporizer if you're going conduction for your herbs.

Vaping Waxes & Dabbing - Conduction Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Ghost Has a titanium heating coil

So if you want to vape your waxes and oil concentrates you're surely going to want to use a conduction vaporizer since you're vaping your waxes directly on the heating element for quick and instant vapor. Most dabbing pens result in a burnt type of taste since the atomizers don't have a set and precise setting to vape with. However, ever since the Dr. Dabber Ghost has launched back in late 2014, it has changed the market and has finally developed a vaporizer with low heat settings that simmer the wax and gives you the purest and most potent taste. So you're going to want to buy the Dr.. Dabber Ghost & best of all it is under $80 and comes with a glass globe attachment to make loading your waxes very clean and efficient.