Vapor Pens

Vapor pens are by far the most popular types of vaporizers out on the market. They sell so quickly because they're more affordable, carry less technology and can fit anyplace in your pocket and also feature long battery life. Vapor pens are become more and more known to consumers yet there's still many very effective vape pens that many don't know about or utilize which puzzles me when I end up evaluating and testing new products we haven't used yet here. The thing with our company is we make sure we test and use every single type of vape we sell from our website. The main importance here is the fact we don't sell junk, we only sell quality, name brand vapes preferably made in America.

What Types of Vapor Pens?

Understanding as a new vape pen customer what exactly your vapor pen does is extremely important. I've talked to many customers that bought a all-in-one vape pen kit for the simple fact to vaporize herbs when the entire kit was mainly used for waxes, hard wax and concentrates but featured as a nice side-feature the possibility of vaping herbs. This was a kit that if the customer happened to run upon dry herb substance, they wouldn't be left using any type of combustion methods, they could use a vape pen that vapes herbs without combustion. The problem with this particular vape pen kit was that it had an open coil titanium heating coil which is very high-quality, but it didn't come with any glass screens. Combustion was nearly instant since the user didn't know how to do anything. We ended up refunding their money back. The vape pen kit the customer purchased was the 710 ARK vaporizer kit. A very effective kit but not effective on herbs. Using a glass screen makes the quality and performance better, but you need to see exactly what the main feature of the kit is used for and shop accordingly instead of shopping for something because of the sleek, small, ergonomic and impressive vape pen designs.

Wax Vape Pens

There are lots of different types of wax pens online, you need to understand the differences though. There are wax pens for wax shatter, there are wax pens for thick waxes and wax pens for liquid wax oil concentrates. Each requires its own specific atomizer. The reason why glass globe attachments have become so popular and advanced is the fact you can use all 3 wax types with this unit.

Wax Dabbing Vape Pens (Wax Shatter)

Titanium dabber the dr dabber ghost

Dr Dabber Coil That uses Titanium wrapped around quality silica wick

Wax dabbing / dab vapes is by far the most popular method of vaporization. The fact is that these types of vaporizers require an open coil atomizer and some of the best metals to use on the atomizer coil is titanium technology just like the Dr. Dabber Ghost has done. They've made one of the best dabber in the world and have the market on lock down for these dabbers especially since the fact the unit comes with a glass globe attachment.  The Glass Globe attachment can be used for all 3  different types of waxes as the silica wick wrapped around titanium will give off the right amount of heat to vape any type of waxy materials.  The Best part the Dr. Dabber features is the low heat-settings that let the substance simmer at the right vape temperature for you to be able to taste each bit of vapor inhaled.

this is the wax dabber glass globe attachment

This is the Dr Dabber Glass Globe attachment which retails for $39.99 for the dr dabber kit as an accessory and can vaporize all 3 wax substances since it has titanium wrapped around the quality silica wick vaping your botanical at a low-heat setting so you enjoy the taste

Oily Thick Wax Dabbers

There are plenty of different types of wax vapes that all you have to do is melt the wax on an open coil or even cartridge and you can begin your dabbing. Any hard wax can be melted down into a thick liquid and that's exactly the method for these vapor pens to use when looking into the actual functionality on the types of substances these coils can handle.

cloud pen atomizers for wax dabbing

A List of the total amount of wax atomizers used. These are Cloud Penz branded wax atomizers

Medi A1.0 - Single Ceramic Rod - This type of atomizer is specifically used for thick waxy substances and will vaporize to give a few pulls

Ceramic A1.0 - This full ceramic atomizer with a single ceramic rod is the type of atomizer you'd use for your hard and stick waxes and don't want them to leave a mess since it is entirely ceramic.

Medi A2.0 - Dual Ceramic Rod is the perfect atomizer for waxes to where you don't want to leave any liquidy substances and want to evenly vape the entire load at once instead of multiple hits.

Medi A2.0T - Vertical coil specifically used with liquid oils that melt down to hit the coil and vape, specifically hash oils.

Ceramic A2.0 - Full Ceramic with Dual Ceramic rod makes it easy for those wanting a 1 hitter but don't want a sticky situation.

Media A3.0 - No Quick or Rod Dual Coil is an open dabbing coil ready for action to where you load the sticky wax directly on the coil with a loading tool.

Ceramic A3.0 - Full ceramic No Wick or Rod Dual coil is the coil that utilizes straight on loading your wax by giving you an even vaporization using lower heating settings .

CP1 - 1.0 Single Ceramic rod is the simple wax dabber to where you can load extra to get multiple pulls.

Liquid Oil Tanks / E-juice

Liquid oil tanks are designed to store a copious volume of liquid to be able to seamlessly vape the e-juice in the tank as needed throughout the day. Oil vaporizers are why The Liquid tanks hold a specific amount and you either load liquid hash oil or e-juice with nicotine or even without nicotine levels.

Liquid Clearomizer

White Rhino Liquid Attachment Clearomizer

This is what a clearomizer / cartomizer looks like when you want to store e-juices. This type of cartomizer is for very weak batteries that supply a small amount of ohms typically around .1 - .5ohms.

sub ohm tanks

These Tanks can be used with very powerful Box Mods, these are the perfect example of what someone experienced would be using with a variable voltage box mod

these sub-ohm tanks which are called top mods  can withstand the variable power being sent throughout the thread to the coil without burning out the coil and delivering a perfect connection of pure and flavorful vapor.


Herb Vape Pens

There's different types of herbal vape pens you need to look for and the main technology you want without worrying about combustion would be anodized convection vaporization technology allowing you to get the best amount of flavor from the botanical without worrying about opening up the chamber to see ash which would defeat the purpose of vaporization.   Conduction versions of herbal vape pens require a glass screen and aren't as effective especially since you need to stir the herb chamber after every couple of pulls.   The Herb vape pen you'd want to buy would be the Atmos Boss herb pen vaporizer that uses turbulent air-flow to delivery maximum vapor quality without experiencing any type of combustion.

Atmos boss vaporizer

Atmos Boss uses anodized convection vaporization and is considered one of the best herbal vape pens in the world