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Cloud Penz 3.0 Double click on above image to view full picture



  • 650 mah battery (double the battery size)

  • Drag time: 25 seconds

  • White led light color

  • Metallic gold color scheme finish

  • Low battery indicator: light will turn red when 10% battery life is left

  • New click-in atomizer technology.

  • Comes with 1 Dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer, 1 Medi A2.0T Atomizer, 1 Cloud Atlas 3.0 Globe & Atomizer Base 2.0

  • Custom serial numbers (to ensure genuine Cloud Pen product)

  • Each kit comes with a custom authenticity card allowing for users to register their pen on our websit


  • 650 MAH Battery

  • Mouthpiece

  • Dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer

  • Medi A2.0T Atomizer

  • Atlas 3.0 Globe & Atomizer Base 2.0

  • 5pcs Mouth Guards

  • Retractable Micro USB Wire

  • 1 C-Tensil

  • Silicone Cloud Jar

  • Alcohol Wipe

  • Cloud Pen sticker

  • Custom Cloud Pen pouch

  • Authenticity Card

  • User Manual

Cloud Penz 3.0

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Cloud Penz has come up as a very quality type of brand from the Cloud Penz manufacturer as they strategically focus on the quality of all their atomizers with many different types of coils embedded on them there are single coil atomizers, double, triple and now vertical types of atomizers. The manufacturers over at Cloud Penz surely know and understand how to create a great vaporizers and now we are here today to introduce to you the newest innovative dabbing pen that can even utilize the compatibility of herbs which is now called the Cloud Penz 3.0 . This is the 3rd version of the series and has everything covered this time. From unique atomizer heats, titanium coils to the newest vertical coil atomizer set and now this version can vaporize herbs and any type of substance. This is a combustion pen waiting to be used from a vapor enthusiasts that wants something that'll work very well.

Cloud Penz 3.0 Battery
The Cloud Penz comes with an entire battery that has double the power and energy used to power the Cloud Penz 3.0 vape pen . With over 650mAH of energy in the new battery for the Cloud 3.0 , you can get twice the length for vaping out and use the unit for over 4 hours of non-stop use. This new enhanced lithium ion 3.0 battery version runs very clean and doesn't burn out quickly. it is a very quality vape battery and fulfills all vaporization needs with the cloud 3.0 . There's a new LED light battery indicator which is a white color and will turn red to let you know when your battery is at 10% life left for you to charge it as this is called the Low Battery Indicator and it is a very convenient feature Cloud Penz has incorporated in a simple vape pen . The Battery charges on a Micro USB wire which you can plug into any USB port and it also comes with the wall mount for you .

Cloud Penz Functionality
The Cloud Penz 3.0 Vaporizer is without a doubt one of the better types of kits to buy when you're needing a vape pen with quality, This is the kit that finally can do it all. Although you get a herb chamber with this vaporizer kit, conduction coil pen vaporizers aren't at all good with vaping your herbs period. If you're trying to use a quality wax vaporizer, the Cloud Penz is your perfect match because of the quality atomizer used. It Is perfect and essential to have a very good atomizer and the Cloud Penz 3.0 is well equipped to fulfill the concentrates / wax shatter areas of vaping. The quality cloud penz atomizer is a dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer, a Media A2.0T Atomizer with a Cloud Atlas 3.0 GLobe + Atomizer Base version 2.0. These things that are equipped in this kit makes it stand out from the rest and makes it one of the best quality kits in the world to use.


Overall View Of Main Features
The Cloud Penz 3.0 is a wax / herbal vaporizer kit that now holds double the energy levels over its younger version and comes with a drag time of up to 25 seconds making it 10 seconds longer of a pull before the autoock feature snaps in play. It features an LED indicator light system that has a low battery level detection red light letting you know when the battery is ready to charge at 10% energy left. The Cloud Penz kit is well equipped with all the different types of atomizers where one is a Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer which wraps perfectly around the atomizer fitting it snug as a quality unit ready to be used firmly with any waxy-concentrate substances that's readied and formulated to have the flavorful and quality vape sessions utilizing the New Click-in atomizer technology that doubles the heating surface and using superior media a2.0 click-in atomizer that uses a ceramic interior with dual ceramic rod also hand-wrapped titanium ready to have anything loaded on it for it t o vape at its best, optimal use as it strategically vapes concentrates and hard waxes sustaining everyday use whereas most vape atomizers last only a few weeks.

Overall Cloud Penz 3.0
This is the kit that can do many things the other Cloud Penz Versions couldn't do. With this kit over its older version you can finally rip and ride as the pulls are so much harder, stronger and the battery actually lasts a whole lot longer. With this 3.0 version, you can also vaporize herbs which is convenient since everyone always have dry herbs ready to go. This is by far the best vape kit to have when you want to vaporize your hard wax shatter, thick waxy-oils, concentrates and other thick substances as it has different atomizer variations prepared to perform custom tasks based on the density, thickness as well as hardness of the materials intended on vaping.

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Additional Information

Brands CloudV
Temperature Type OLED (Precise)
Warranty Info No
Year Invented 2015
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One
Temperature Range 365°F - 415°F
Heating Technology Conduction (Heating Element)
Price Group Under $100
Color Blue
Vape Style Direct Draw, Handheld Draw
Vape Height 6 Inches
vapor type Wax Pen


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