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Davinci Ascent Vaporizer

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The Davinci Ascent is a portable vaporizer that looks just like your modern, 2010 version of Nokia LG cell phones and that's exactly what the Manufacturers of the Davinci Ascent want you to think. To be completely truthful, it is what all Ascent owners want you to think as well. Let be real now, the Davinci Ascent was built to blend in with modern technology to be a public, thrill seeking mobile device on the outside and a innovative, smart-vape portable herb cannibal on the inside. With the usage of all glass vapor path and a ceramic based turbulent air-flow chamber, the Ascent is one of the top functioning devices on the market to perfectly blend in with your peers in public.

Davinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer Technology
With an eccentric design interface featuring a beautiful LCD display of your temperature controls, functions and current temperature, the Davinci Ascent features a plethora of different technologies that will leave any other portable vaporizers on the market in the stone age. Internally, the Davinci Ascent has a Pure Glass vapor air path that has built in high heat-resistant glass air-ways that guarantee you optimal vapor flavor and pristine performance. Not to mention the fact that the glass features invisible filtration system that eliminates any type of by-products, chemicals and light carcinogens that may not filter in with the vaporized botanical. Advanced powered electronics being powered by a motherboard makes the Davinci Ascent perfectly suited to be mentioned as a smart-vaporizer which is an honorable category to be labeled as.

Davinci Ascent Internal Technology
We dig in a lot deeper as a company so we can provide you the ultimate knowledgebase of information one would need to make an informed purchase decision. This is the number on thing you need to understand about the Ascent, the latent infrared long wave heating core is just the beginning of the persistent heat distribution the Ascent is capable of delivering to you. Because inside prime feature rests the Ascents mother-board which powers up the core to create the cutting-edge technology coupled with the artistic inspired design which will plateau the radiant pure-based heat perfectly alongside your botanical at the precise temperature displayed with the LCD display screen being powered by the amazing Panasonic IMR Hybrid High Drain 18650 2250mAH Li-Ion batteries of power to generate its radiant heat to your botanicals for over 4 hours of continuous use.

Davinci Glass Air Path technology
With it being an all glass vapor path it is true "glass on glass" that the consumer prefers over any other type of material. Pyrex glass is the exact type of glass where there's another internal glass sleeve inside the unit ( that has the screen on its end). So when you extend the glass straw, it's inside another glass sleeve reinforcing the glass-on-glass technology which was accomplished from the qualities of Pyrex glass. The Pyrex glass stem and glass screens are replaceable and can be added in your order if you'd like extra parts which is highly recommended. The stem is also hugged by silicone sleeve to prevent both breakage and leakage from the friction of contracting / opening up the stem to extension length.

Davinci Ascent Temperature Settings
The Davinci Ascent can reach temperatures of over 430, you get the amazing adjustment temperatures of the smart-technology from the Ascent since you can adjust the last used-temperature to a more precise experience. With this smart-remembrance of the Davinci Ascent, you'll finally have a vaporizer that'll easily hit the Sweet spot from the adjustments and pressing on the OLED screen, you can activate the temperature increased or decreased with the heating capabilities that the Ascent allow you to experience.

Davinci Ascent Power & Batteries
The 4+ battery life the Ascent gives you is much needed time you'll vitally use while being out on the go. The Batteries are like a smart-phone and aren't removable but you can always charge the unit up while using it which is a very important feature most vaporizers don't showcase or incorporate in their development like Davinci has. It takes about 2-4 hours to fully charge the Davinci Ascent batteries which are accurately 2 Panasonic IMR Hybrid High Drain 18650 2250mAH Li-Ion batteries that power such a beautiful vaporizer.

Davinci Ascent Specific Display/Interface Info
The functional OLED displays your personal vape cycles and past temperatures settings like a fitness app displays your old lap times and fastest lap times. It'll synchronize to the most optimal experience you've had as it'll remember the session that was your shortest and the one that was your longest and remember the weights and density of each use since it has smart and invisible filter sensors that we mentioned to you earlier. The display can also read out both Fahrenheit and Celsius and give you precision control from ?-430°F or ?-221°C . Whatever you have to vape, it'll handle from your low-heat settings and flavorful tastes to your high settings of your favorite herbage, it'll vape anything correctly. The function that allows the user to vaporizer the temperature at their own custom discretion (example would be if you stay at 360 for 3 mins, go up to 375 for 2 mins and then to 380 for 2 mins it remembers the complexities of your past heat recommendations, this is a mini computer on the go!) The Variable temperature is nice to have and the smart technology is a must if you own a high-cost vaporizer like the Ascent.

Davinci Ascent Design
The Innovative Design of the Davinci Ascent is accentric enough to leave most vapor enthusiasts in awe and to leave an unknown spectator scratching their head wondering exactly what this device can possible do with a glass tube mouthpiece sticking up from its core of what a normal person would assume it is some type of transparent antenna. This modern innovative vaporizer marvel simply put is a technological advancement in vape technology of both brilliance and trickery played in part by the manufacturer. Taking the Ascent out in public, one would think it is an newer nokia version you'd buy at Walmart but taking a deeper look you can clearly see the Ascent logo on the back and the OLED panel displaying not phone numbers but temperature ranges and temperature levels. The Outside body is brushed aluminum cast body all around and there's 3 of the original body designs plus the newest design which features skulls as the body template. Then there's the grill which is 304 stainless steel and underneath hides a master power button and an additional button underneath in the mouthpiece. To charge your Ascent you're looking for a hole in the grill. The Ascent fits easily in any pocket or purse since it only stand 4.5" tall and is 2.5" across and only 1" wide making this a very small smart-phone-vape. You can easily pick up the Ascent with the feel of durability and the compact design at only 6.8oz weighing far less than a pack of Skittles.

Davinci Bowl Design
It is also made out of glass and has a width of 17.0mm x 9.28m with the geight of 17mm being a glass lined ceramic the bowl isn't removable like the retractable stem. Like the regular Davinci vaporizer version, the Ascent works the same way in its convection fashion of heating up but heats up much fast with a heat up time of around 55 seconds at the temperature of 430°F. The added bonus the Ascent features over the regular Davinci is a 30% bigger bowl since the bottom of the vape swivels out to expose the bowl better to make it very simple to clean and pack. The Davinci Ascent bowl has the latest innovation in convection vaporization insulation to trap in the heat and keep it at its hottest temperature to both preserve the increasing / decreasing of temperatures ready per second. The heat seal that make the Davinci Ascent hard to match since it has that heat film lining and below it a small "tail" which allows air to start to heat prior to actually hitting the inner bowl. The best part about the Davinci Ascent bowl is the fact you can drop in oil cans which it'll fully support and vape the oil as needed even without a lid.

Davinci Design Models
Burl Wood
Is a wood model that uses a really high tech laser printing / brushed aluminum wih a thin water based printing on thr aluminum
"Stealth" -- Black Rubberized with Black Aluminum Sides
"Croc Skin" -- Simulated/FAUX croc skin pattern on leather & Silver Aluminum


Enhanced Use For The Ascent

water tool adapters for the davinci ascent
Capabilities Of WaterTools

Using these new watertools that are custom built for the Davinci Ascent is a great way to increase the experience of the consumers fulfillment on what they're trying to accomplish with vaporization for this type of realm. Watertools not only provide massive light filtration of unwanted carcinogenic material that wasn't combusted but actually particles that may have come through the screen, the watertool will completely filter that mess and provide you with a guranteed experience to where you will have clean inhalations.

The Standard 14mm and 18mm adapter replaces the actual mouthpiece stem. When you use the straight adapter, you have the chamber sit up against the screen of the ascent which would then angle down.

We also have the U-Shaped Ging WPA which will help you if you dont want the herbs in direct contact with the heating cylinder which is actually ontop of the ceramic glass screen. The usability of water pipes/filters give you cool output of vapor and some like the beneficial experience while others claim it degrades the potency which hasn't been a proven fact. Our consumers are loving this angled setup and have quickly fallen in love with the U shape angle. This provides the user with direct access to the herb chamber for very quick and easy filling as well as stirring.

The Davinci Ascent is a perfect passive convection portable vaporizer that has many unique features that cannot be and are hard to match in such a smart vaporizer. From the Sly-Sleek mobile phone design mimik to the intuitive and unprecedented technology, the Davinci Ascent is a clear winner and a must-have portable vaporizer for any enthusiast or beginner to own and operate as it is a very easy to use system and the vaporizer makes your life easier by matching your vaporization patterns from its smart motherboard micro-chip used internally. The Long infarred inner core that powers from the motherboard firing up all cylinders provide the parrarel heating evenly on all sides and the very steep swivel bowl makes it that much better to experience bigger + better. At the current price of $199, the Davinci Ascent is a clear steel to have when using your portable vaporizer every day.

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Additional Information

Brands DaVinci
Temperature Type LCD (Precise), OLED (Precise)
Warranty Info 2 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2013
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One
Temperature Range 0 - 430°F
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Price Group Under $200
Color Black
Vape Style Portable Draw
Vape Height 5 Inches
vapor type Portable Kit


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