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  • 510 Threading

    510 Threading is a specific threading used to connect the atomizer with the vaporizer's battery or a Box mod.

  • Amps

    Amps measure the force of electricity the runs through the battery and give you the power out of the stored energy in a battery.

  • anodized heating

    Anodized heating mimics convection vaporization as the consumers hit/pull and the heating element uses synergy to create hot-air generated onto the botanical extracting into gas converting into vapor.

  • Combustion

    Combustion is a technical term for burn or smoke defeating the purpose of vaporization.

  • conduction heating

    conduction heating is when a vapor uses a coil to directly expose heat to the botanical.

  • convection heating

    Convection heating is when hot air is generated to flow against the botanical to extract and generate vapor.

  • direct draw

    Direct draw is when the user inhales to draw up vapor threw a mouthpiece or whip.

  • forced air

    Forced air is convection technology which specifically uses a fan to propel hot air to the botanical and force the air further up pushing vapor out into a whip, mouthpiece or Balloon bag.

  • isolated airpath

    Isolated air path-way is when the heating is located within a seperate area from the electronics allowing smoth vaporization without risking heating damage to your electronics.

  • OLED

    organic light-emitting diode (OLED) uses organic lighting that makes the screen more visible as well as higher quality results with color that can use plastic instead of glass.

  • passthrough charging

    Passthrough Charging is when you can use the vaporizer while it is being charged.

  • PG

    PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PG) is a petroleum by-product that helps enhance the consumers "THROAT HIT" to make it more of a tobacco experience.

  • smart vaporizers

    smart vaporizers contain a onboard microprocessor with chipset controls that memorize, save and perform to standards suited for the consumer using the device.