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  • LED temperature setting display

  • Uses advanced technology to heat on demand

  • The first and only dual bowl vaporizer on the market (patented feature)

  • Can use materials and/or oil and wax interchangeably and simultaneously

  • Strong, Long-Lasting external Lithium Ion battery

  • Extremely light weight and discrete

  • 4 different temperature settings

  • Patented heat-exchange mechanism, for cool vapor output

  • Discreet, Durable, high-quality materials

  • 10 year warranty 


  • 1 Haze Vaporizer

  • 1 Stainless Steel Mouthpiece

  • 1 glass mouthpiece

  • 2 conduction screens

  • 2 convection screens

  • 2 Haze batteries

  • 1 cleaning tool

  • 1 material tool

  • 2 oil/wax reservoir

  • 1 user manual




Haze Dual Vaporizer 3.0

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Regular Price: $265.99

Special Price $249.99

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 The Haze 3.0 Is one of the very few portable handheld vaporizers that have the performance of the best vaporizer in the world which would be the herbalizer that can simply fit in the Palm of your hand. It is a purely genius invention and has become the stepping stone to set new measures and expectations of how a perfect portable vaporizer should function. That Haze 3.0 can do it all, vaporizer herbs, oils, waxes, tinctures, shatter wax and any other type of substance you can think of. If you don't own the Haze 3.0, you're really missing out on the best vaporizer in the world to even have. It has advanced patented heating which will let you simultaneously heat your herbs and oils at the same time since you can vape both the chambers exact same time.

Heating Chamber Advancements
The Haze vaporizer has a dual heating chamber and can fit the more materials than both the Pax and Arizer Solo can hold. It has four pre-set temperatures that have 4 indication LED lights to let you know which level you're set at. The Chambers are safely constructed and seperated by stainless steel protective wall which allows you to vaporize at its highest temperature 415° Degrees Fahrenheit without you feeling the exterior any type of hot heat at all and it flows right into the all pyrex glass vapor path which makes it safe to vaporize any type of materials. With the haze chamber, you can load over a gram of herb into the chamber and you dab your oils or wax onto the oil resrvoir to fill up the oil in the chamber.

Amazing New Features For The Haze 3.0
The Haze 3.0 vaporizer is finally out and has been created by the makers of Haze technologies who have stepped up and created another amazing version of the Haze vaporizer. Using innovative technology the Haze 3.0 is the clear winner in the portable vaporizer category which features an 11 point upgrade based on user feedback which features a new dry material canister to preserve nd give the user a premium taste while making it a perfect vaporizer smaller than the palm of your hand.

The new redesigned heater is made out of American seel and designed to become a tighter and more durable seal to prevent anything from leaking in or out of the vaporizer as this part is custom made and constructed here in the USA using the strongest and most durable construction finished made by Americans.

The new glass in the inner housing is constructed and made to line the surface and prevent high temperature heat from being released to the exterior to where it would feel uncomfortable to hold touching any place of the Haze vaporizer. Now it is completely safe to hold or touch any part of the Haze 3.0 vaporizer because of this improvement. Before, you had to watch what part of the Haze you touched, now you don't have to worry about this as it is now lined with reinforced inner housing surface.

The Haze 3.0 vaporizer now has a temperature regulator which give you the best temperature precision the vaporizer is set to the level so you know you're at the exact temperature you have set regardless of the climate you're in. If you're in a blizzard in Alaska using the Haze or in a Volcano core, the temperature will be exactly as it is set on regardless of the conditions unlike the old version. This makes it usable in any type of situation you're in to know you're at the temperature set despite the climate, altitude, humidity, air pressure or outside temperature, the new temperature regulator ensures its precsion.

No more cleaning the outside of your Haze vaporizer. With the Haze 3.0, you don't have to worry about making sure the exterior is clean to keep it shinny looking new. The metallic soft touch pain cover exterior will keep the Haze 3.0 looking brand new for the life of the vaporizer. ISO alcohol, dirt, mudd, paint, water and any hazardas types of foreign residues will not affect or tarnish the brand new paint job of the Haze 3.0. It will look fresh and brand new for life, the new paint cover is resistant to any type of residue and it will not alter your appearence of the Haze. You will never have to clean the exterior of the Haze ever again.

Before, dropping your Haze or running, jogging or even walking, there was a problem with the door popping open. With the Haze 3.0 version, you can do all of the above and never have to worry about accidently opening of the door from dropping or impact, the Haze door will keep shut no matter what type of force it is reckoned with. The Haze is the most durably built, strong, long-lasting portable vaporizer ever made in the USA.

A Redesigned mouthpiece ensures that residues will no longer cause the mouthpiece to stick or stay inside the airpath chamber anymore. With the easy removal of the mouthpiece, the new lip that was built in prevent your mouthpiece from getting caught or stuck inside the pathway so you always have a easy way to grab a hold of the mouthpiece and pull it up or down seemlessly.

The Dry material can is made out of pure American stainless steel with a metal lid to maximize the air flow and equally ditribute the heat evenly into the chamber to produce the most effective vaporization. The vapor also bounces back down into this chamber and flows off the outer glass walls which cools down the vapor when inahling to never get hot vapor into your throat again with the newopimization of the Dry Material Can.

The Haze 3.0 concentrate Can has an enchanced outer edge which will trap any type of liquid/concentrate to where you will have no more accidently leaking in or out of this oil reservoir. This innovation was important since some users of the Haze vaporizer experience leakage when using their oils or waxes which prevented angry customers to only use herbs. Not anymore! The new Concentrate can will make you want to use oils and waxes again as it is built better than ever.

With all these new improvements, the 11 points have now been mentioned. No wonder why the Haze 3.0 vaporizer is one of the best and most versatile vaporizers in the world. It is the top dawg in vaping all your materials such as oils, liquids, waxes, tinctures, concentrates and most importantly, your herbs. You will get the best and most effective vaporization and the best part is, Haze Technologies ensures long-term optimal use as they offer you a 10 year warranty which will protect your investment for one decade!

Why You Should Buy the Haze
Having a portable vaporizer about the size of your palm is very intriguing to buy when it is only 3" tall X 3" long and 1" wide that performs well and built out of pure American steel along with the inner core. You'll never taste any type of bad flavors and your unit will always stay fresh looking from the new coating that has been implemented in the new Haze 3.0 version. The sealed off heating chambers and oil reservoirs put it to where The Haze will never emit any nasty odors or release any type of toxins or unwanted chemicals. The two lithium ION Li 18650 AA batteries with over 2600mAH of battery life is in the batteries providing you with two fully charged batteries that will last you over 6 hours of continous use. You not only have 1 fully charged one but two of them. Haze also has the new XL batteries that give you 35% more battery power and 3600mAH of energy. This very strong, powerful piece of American steel was truly built to last decades. Whem the manufacturer has 10 year covered, you know this will last a few more decades with no problems.

Haze Temperature Levels

 There are 4 temperature settings the haze features 365F, 380F, 390F and 415F the levels go as follows; 

  • Level 1 - 365 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 2 - 380° Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 3 - 390° Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Level 4 - 415° Degrees Fahrenheit

There are many reasons why you need to get the Haze vaporizer. The first is the fact that it's small and discreet at only 3" tall, 3" length and 1" width. It is designed with high grade material, inner core with steel, you'll never taste any bad after tastes most vaporizers emit when you're using the unit. With two LI Ion batteries, you'll never be left without a charge. The Haze Vaporizer is the first vape that allows you to be able to vaporize at ease for over 6-8 hours without combustion to enjoy your aromatherapy sessions.  The has is truly a vaporizer that keeps getting better and better as time moves on with already a version 2.5 since it was released on April 20th, 2014.  The Haze is a very strong and durable steel vaporizer which it fits the profile of a premium liquor canister that produces vapor.  You can vape without anyone second guessing what you're doing with class and pure quality using the stainless steel materials, it's hard for the Haze to break down as the manufacturer even offers a 10 year warranty that'll protect your investment.  Using the Convection screens is best for your herbal materials and the conduction screens for your concentrates. 

haze design

Haze Features


Haze is a great convection vaporizer, it comes with a convection screen and conduction screen. You have more options since it works both ways to personalize your experience. Both of the screens are made out of stainless steel. The conduction screen has been left with two sides open, allowing herbs to have controlled exposure to the heating source. No direct contact is ever made with the heating chamber and dry materials, the convection is surrounded by four stainless steel walls. The heating chamber and screen is pretty big, safe and is so advanced you can pre-package your materials into the reservoirs before you go out, you'll experience a couple sessions when filling both bowls up before you go out and show off the Haze to whoever has interest in premium vaping. The Haze will save you over 9 grams of materials per every ounce used which will pay itself back within the first month if you vape with premium grade materials. Portable vaping is the way to go and the Haze vaporizer is only getting more powerful as time moves on. 

haze build


Cleaning The Haze

Haze should be cleaned every-time you are finished using it for optimal use. The Haze parts are completely removable making cleaning very simple for all types of beginner and experienced users. You can broil the residue on the heating chamber by letting the Haze run without anything inside it which will turn the residue into ash which you simply remove with the Haze Cleaning Tool .  The Haze can be further cleaned by using a Q-tip with a little alcohol dabbed on top and is able to reach all the knocks and crannies that are exposed to the Haze vaporizer when vaping. Over some time, you will need to replace the Haze Conduction screens as well as the Haze Convection Screens You will get around 2-3 months of use with the screens and every 4 months you should replace the Haze Oil reservoirs .  

How To Use


Place herbs in bowl or screen and into chamber. Switch on and select either bowl A or B. Locate the temperature selector at the top and choose from 4 temperature option to vape with your herbs. After several LED light blinks, the Haze is heating up. Once the LED light stays on, your Haze is ready to vaporize. You can store the mouthpiece inside the unit so you don't loose it.


Materials Haze Can Support

You can use any type of materials, it is an herbal vaporize. materials, oils, waxes, liquids to vaporize your essential oils and active ingredients. This is a very versatile vaporizer. If you're looking for a durable feeling, quick heating, high quality portable herbal vaporizer, it's the Haze Vaporizer you're going to want to buy. The Haze is becoming one of the most popular herbal vaporizers in the world and everyone must own one, try it out and see the amazing health benefits it creates. Saving lots of money and giving you potent hit, you couldn't go wrong with the Haze Vaporizer. Over 10,000 units sold, no returns as of yet. Why not own one of the best vapes on the planet. Using all materials, you can vaporize both herbs, oils, waxes, waxy oils and thick oils, the Haze can do it all! 

Haze Popularity 

The Haze Vaporizer is becoming the most popular portable vaporizer in the industry. It will be featured in the Oscar bags at the 2015 Emmy's. Over 25 Celebs will be receiving the Haze inside their Oscar bags. Haze Technologies invested over $80,000 in this venture and will have the publicity from 25 top celebs that get the HollyWulf bags and will enjoy the premium vape quality that haze will provide.  we are proud to sell the Haze vaporizer to our customers and ensure all Haze customers you will be given the best customer service to set the standards for Haze Technologies. We are an authorized seller for Haze and have given them high recognition with many of the most popular herbal websites in the world to recognize who the top Haze seller in the world is. 



  • Compatible with materials, wax and e-liquids.
  • Easy to recharge and remove battery.
  • Glass and stainless steel mouthpieces
  • Can vaporize two different materials at the same time.
  • Quick start up
  • Temperature setting options
  • Storage compartment for the mouthpieces
  • Small, compact and durable with a unique and fun design.
  • All accessories included.



Does not have digital display

Haze Comes With:

  • 1 Haze Vaporizer
  • 1 Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
  • 1 glass mouthpiece
  • 2 conduction screens
  • 2 convection screens
  • 2 Haze batteries
  • 1 cleaning tool
  • 1 material tool
  • 2 oil/wax reservoir
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 instructional DVD 

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Additional Information

Brands Haze Technologies
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection)
Warranty Info No
Year Invented No
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Temperature Range 365°F - 415°F
Heating Technology Dual (Convection & Conduction)
Price Group Under $250
Color Midnight (Blue)
Vape Style Direct Draw, Forced Air, Portable Draw
Vape Height 5 Inches
vapor type Portable Kit


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