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   Haze Square Features:

  • 4 Selective Pre-set Chambers 

  • Versatile Convection Vaporization 

  • Heptic Feedback & Lightnight FeedBack  

  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Structure

  • Glass Mouthpiece 

  • Free Air-Flow Coolant 

  • 2600mAH Battery  

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The Haze square vaporizer is one of the newest and most versatile portable vaporizers to ever hit the market.  Haze Square is a smart vaporizer which remembers your last set temperature using 'smart vaping' technology. On-demand heating makes heat up time instant. We done some inside research on some features for the Haze square and it turns out the Square is an amazing and small durable vaporizer, constructed out of 100% aluminum alloy materials with a 100% stainless steel canister and a silicon gasket that will prevent any vapor from leaking out of the chambers. The Haze square has 4 different chambers, you can pre-fill all of them before you leave to make it a perfect on-the-go vaporizer. The Haze Square vaporizer has 4 different chambers, you can pre-load the 4 of them and select the one you want to use to get instant vaping as the convection powered vaporizer will heat up to optimal temperatures in less than 6 seconds making this vaporizer a strong, powerful unit with a 2600mAH battery that takes about 2 hours to fully charge. you can select. 365 , 380 , 390 , are the temperatures to set and the heptic heating will vibrate to indicate to you when the battery is low and the lightning feedback gives you instant response to when you're at optimal temperature and when you need to fully charge the battery. The Haze square vaporizer is one of the newest vaporizers to hit the market and is going to be the best portable vaporizer ever made as it is still in prototype stage.

Haze Square Advanced Performance
The Haze performs like a champ, it will instantly reach optimal temperatures as the 2600mAH battery will give instant power to where you have instant vaporization and will reach optimal temperatures in less than 6 seconds as the Heptic Feedback vibration will alert and vibrate once the vaporizer has hit the temperature. Smart smart system will also tell you when you need to refill the chamber and will give ultimate vaporization when you use the high-grade four heating chambers that allow you to pre-fill each of them. The Haze vaporizer has a sliding door and the two mouthpiece it has are made out of glass and steel which will pull out when you need to quickly switch it into the heating chamber. IF you're looking for a high performance portable vaporizer, the Haze Square will surely hit the quality needs and the specific design free air-path will give you carcinogenic free and combustion free vaporization. This is the portable vaporizer of the future and everyone is going to want to buy one as we are going to be one of the first authorized retailers to sell the Haze Square online.

Haze Square Advanced Design
The Haze vaporizer is an advanced vaporizer with a unique and advanced design. It has the many design features that every consumer looks for when buying a quality vaporizer. It is constructed out of alumnium and has a stainless steel canister and a rubber gasket that prevents any leakage when vaping. With the size being 3.5 inches, the Haze Square will fit into any pocket without getting caught up inside since it has a sleek design. The strong durability of the Haze Square will sustain anya accidental dropping when you become clumsy. The Haze Square has 4 different heating chambers, you can scroll around and select them to pick the type of vapor chamber you want to use. The best part about the heating is the selection of the four temperature you can utilize. There's four heating settings 365 , 380 , 390 , you can select a specific setting for a custom vaporization experience. The Haze Square will surely perform to your standards as you can pre-set the chambers and use the on the go by syncing in the specific chamber when you want to vaporize it, just simply connecting it to the heating element and you press the power button, the LED light will blink when it is heating up and the heptic vibration will alert you once it has hit optimal temperature which only takes 6 seconds. If you're once that loves many choices, this is the perfect unit for you.

A square design made out of 100% grade A aluminum build with a design of only 3.5 inches allowing it to fit inside anyones pocket. With the new build of the Haze Square, it is a convenient vaporizer that has 4 different heating chambers to where you can select them seamlessly when you're on the go and want to use a specific pre-loaded hearbal chamber. It only takes 6 seconds for the herbal chamber to fully heat up to its optimal temperature. You have 4 different temperature settings you can select from and when you find the setting you like, the Haptic and lightning feedback will allow you to select and save the temperature you end up choosing. The puff counter will synchronize with the optimal heating performance so you can vaporize at the highest quality level. The Haze Square is the newest vaporizer of 2016 and it hasn't even came out yet as it is still in prototype development.

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Additional Information

Brands Haze Technologies
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection), OLED (Precise)
Warranty Info 10 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2016
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One, Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Temperature Range 365°F - 390°F
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Price Group Under $300
Color Black
Vape Style Direct Draw, Handheld Draw, Portable Draw
Vape Height 5 Inches
vapor type Portable Kit


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