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NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer Double click on above image to view full picture


NimbinVap 4.0 Features:

  • 8 Unique Vaping Styles

  • Always Ready for Use

  • Eco-Friendly (no batteries)

  • Made Out Of 100% Organic Hemp

  • Flame Style Heating

  • All Glass Components

NimbinVap 4.0 (INCLUDES):

  • 1 x Heating Chamber

  • 1 x Filter Body

  • 1 x Vapor Chamber

  • 1 x Filter Nozzle (8.0 - 9.0mm)

  • 1 x Insert for Small Filters (6.5, 7.0 and 7.5mm) 

  • 1 x Piercing Tool 1 x Nozzle Cap

  • 1 x Vapor Cooling Hose

  • 5 x O-Rings in 5 colors

  • 3 x Extra Screens

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


NimbinVap 4.0 uses conduction heating

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

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The NimbinVap 4.3 is the greatest portable vaporizer to launch this year cause of many unique and beneficial factors. One beneficial factor is that it's made out of 100% pure organic-grade hemp and beeswax making it an ergonomic type of design built as it help saves our ecosystem little by little since there's no fabrics, plastics, metals or anything that require hard man-made industrial use. Many vapor enthusiasts go out of their way to purchase the NimbinVap 4.3 as there's so many ranges of methods to vaporize with. The build made out of 100% organic hemp also has other organic carbon fiber electrolyte materials since the NimbinVap is one of the better made products as a lot of man hours goes into creating this vaporizer from scratch. Even though it is made out of these organic compounds, it is still a very durable unit which can take easily an accidental drop. There's so many parts that comes with it and so many different methods & modes it can use, you may think it is a complex vaporizer but we are here to help you to easily understand and learn exactly how the NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer works. It takes very little time and effort to set everything up and get you going to using all the unique and advanced modes, luckily we are able to provide you with literature and help to get it more streamlined and easier to use when you're trying to use the vaporizer.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer's Unique Design

The amazing organic classic wood finish is only an extreme benefit to the NimbinVap's overall design as it has a small 3.75" build, easily will fit inside anyones pocket. You can brainstorm your day on how you want to take it with the NimbinVap 4.3 and take the type of accessories you need with you if you know ahead of time the type of mode you will use the NimbinVap to have even more space in your pocket when you know the mode you want ahead of time it just makes planning a lot easier for anyone. The NimbinVap is a very versatile vaporizer made in the USAwith lots of work and development to create an economic friendly vaporizer that doesn't use any man made manufacturing but instead, uses 100% organic hemp, beeswax and other electrodes within the vaporizer. You can travel anywhere with the NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer, it is only 2 x 3.75 x 4.25 in, the perfect travel companion to easily make storing it away a painless task. With all the different accessories, you can use the NimbinVap 8 unique vaporization modesmaking this the perfect vaporizer to personalize your experience. The NimbinVap can load over .3 grams of herbs inside the herbal chamber and using the vaporizer with a flame, there's a spacer that directly protects the flame and the herbs from touching each other as the spacer acts as a heating conductor for perfectly smooth, tasteful vapor without ever reaching the combustion point.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Performance

This unique vaporizer uses a soft flame to give it the correct heat for vaporization with your materials since the double groove combustion stopper will significantly reduce the amount of heat you actually need to ensure less change of combustion and output flavorful vapor. With the 100% hemp organic compound, the NimbinVap is an attractive portable vaporizer for beginners and economic friendly consumers. When using the NimbinVap 4.3, it is best to use a hemp wick to give a cleaner flame rather then using a lighter which you may inhale the butane and lighter fluid flame which is an unwanted carcinogen to inhale. The NimbinVap 4.3 offers 8 different ways to use it in specific modes. Each mode will give the consumer a unique and personable method of vaporization. This is the best vaporizer to use if you like a specific way of medicating or if you simply love different variety. Using less heat, you can vaporize your herbs at a quicker level and with the hemp-wick, there's no acrid taste when vaping. The NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer is compatible with all the different materials; oils, waxes & herbs. With the custom mode, you can use all the materials to have the ultimate vaporization experience. This time, you are vaping the j0int providing a much cleaner and more potent experience without inhaling any harmful carcinogens. The NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer eliminates 90% of all carcinogens while providing an 85% more potent experience. This is the only vaporizer where you can use every type of old combustion method. With the NimbinVap, you don't have to throw away your j0int papers or b0ng, you can keep them ready to go and stock up on new ones when you buy the NimbinVap 4.3 Portable vaporizer.

NimbinVap 4.3 Unique Features & Overview

NimbinVap 4.3 Design Is Made Of 100% Organic Materials

The NimbinVap 4.3 uses all natural 100% pharmaceutical grade hemp, beeswax and other electrodes that are natural-organic compound made materials that don't use any man-made manufacturing. This is the ultimate economical friendly vaporizer unit that has small size 2 x 3.75 x 4.25 in, to conveniently take it on the go without hassle.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Uses a Light Flame For Heating

The NimbinVap 4.3 doesn't need a torch to produce the vapor, with the double groove combustion stopper, you won't need to worry about using high heating flames as you can simply use a light flame against the combustion stopper to produce the maximum amount of vapor while protecting the herb from the flame without any combustion.

NimbinVap 4.3 Carbon Filtration System

The NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer keeps its organic build compound alive. Carbon Filtration is an all natural filtration, little black carbon stones that filter out all the carcinogens in the vapor and keeping that taste with flavorful satisfaction. Carbon Filtration is one of the many organic compounds found with the NimbinVap 4.3 Portable vaporizer.

NimbinVap 4.3 Different Modes

8 Different Modes The NimbinVap 4.3Vaporizer Can Utilize

The NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer With Pipe Mode:

The NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer's Pipe Mode is an advanced feature that allows you to convert the vaporizer setup into a pipe mode setup which brings back the old-school moments when you were using a pipe to smoke your herbs, with the NimbinVap 4.3, you're essentially vaping your herbs this time instead of burning them with a lighter. Using the ceramic filter, you set it inside the NimbinVap 4.3 and screw on the metal top. The Combustion stopper will be placed in front of the ceramic filter and will prevent the flame from getting in contact with the herbs, thus stopping the flame from getting in contact with your dry herbs. The NimbinVap becomes its own vaporizer pipe for first-class, high-quality, combustion free vaporization. Enjoy the unique Pipe Mode and learn how to use it and set it up by watching the video below.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Using Bong Mode

With the NimbinVap 4.3 portable vaporizer, you can set up Bong Mode which is an enhanced version of using a normal bong, instead of flame directly burning the herb the flame has to go inside a combustion stopper which gives a safe separation of the herbs away from the flame. It is very simple method to use and is one of the most popular NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer modes. You can use your own custom bong with the NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer or you can make a custom, home-made bong out of a plastic bottle to create a very cheap bong using the NimbinVap 4.3 to convert the flame with vapor when the heat slowly vapes away the botanical to get an enhanced vaping experience without worrying about combustion while using a conventional bong or water bong depending if you like to enjoy a cool output of vapor. To set up bong mode with the NimbinVap 4.3, you use your plastic bottle and poke some holes with the tool tip, put the screens in the chamber and body area and insert the hose in the Nozzle. Plug in the silicone hose with the NimbinVap as you will have a homemade vaporizer system that's completely portable and uses no batteries to function generating a high quality vaping session.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Using Hookah Mode

Hookahs are popular devices to burn plant material with and are becoming increasingly popular with herbs. Hookahs can be very expensive, but when you can eliminate using hot charcoals to burn away the herbal materials inside the hookah chamber, you will be able to take advantage of using the NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer with any type of Hookah device available or you can watch the video below and create your own home-made hookah using conventional house items. To begin the NimbinVap 4.3 Using Hookah Mode - make a homemade Hookah compatible with the NimbinVap Vaporizer, take a plastic bottle, silicone tube, chamber screen which you put a hose in the nozzle and using the tool tip, poke holes wide enough in diameter to fit the hose. After you've put the hose inside the poked holes in the plastic bottle, put the top of the bottle back on and you now have a homemade portable Hookah which was free to make. It is best to use a real hookah since it will provide a much safer and more quality experience with the NimbinVap 4.3.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Using J0int Holder Mode

Smoking dates back in the early 1800BC years when cavemen rolled the plant with a leaf and smoked it. To this day, j0ints are still a very popular method. The only problem with smoking j0ints is the fact that you're inhaling 5 times more tobacco and 5 times more carbon monoxide from the actual nicotine/tobacco the joints are made out of. When you can utilize a vaporizer like the NimbinVap and essential vaporize the j0int, you're reducing lots of damage to your cardiovascular system. Below is the video on how to use J0int Holder mode with the NimbinVap 4.3 portable herb vaporizer. Using the charcoal rocks as the filter, take a chamber screen which will act as the filter but avoid putting the screen in the body and put the insert into the body, set the chamber by putting the plant materials inside and throw some charcoal in the body to complete the filtration. You then light the joint and now have a NimbinVap Joint to be able to smoke from with an incredible filter.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Using Chillum Mode

One of the most favorite methods to use with the NimbinVap is the Chillum mode. You use all the materials provided that comes with the NimbinVap vaporizer kit. The mode utilizes the charcoal filtration system that activates the Charcoal filter which will filter all the harmful chemicals. You will use the silicone tube by inserting it into the filter where the charcoal is in and put the ceramic filter inside the NimbinVap 4.3, then screw on the metal top. You know can enjoy the unique Chillum mode with the NimbinVap 4.3 . With Chillum mode you're simply using the Charcoal filtration system to increase the filtration and avoid inhaling harmful carcinogens. With the filtration system with the Chillum mode, it makes it one of the most popular modes along with the vaporizer mode to use with the NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer.

NimbinVap 4.3 One Hitter Mode

The One hitter mode using it with the NimbinVap is a quick and easy vaporization method to reduce the risk of any carcinogens being inhaled as what happens when smoking out of regular one hitters so the NimbinVap 4.3 One Hitter Mode was developed to be its alternative and greatly increasing the potency by using the vaporization method. The One Hitter mode is best used on the go with really high quality, medical grade stuff. To use one hitter mode with the NimbinVap portable vaporizer you will remove the cap for the nozzle from the 8.0mm filter, the nozzle is ceramic glass and you add in active charcoal, the screen is for the nozzle, there's a screen for the chamber you add in which you add in your favorite herbs. Watch the video below on step by step exactly how to setup and use the NimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer with one-hitter mode.

NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Using Vaporizer Mode

The Vaporizer mode with the NimbinVap Vaporizer is by far the most popular mode among vape enthusiasts. This very simple and easy device makes using this feature on-the-go or at home an every day useful device. With the NimbinVap Vaporizer mode, you will be using every part that comes with the kit. To use the vaporizer mode you take the chamber, body, nozzle and combustion stopper and put it together and add in the stainless steel screen and then use the plastic hose. The combustion stopper will make sure you don't ever burn your herbs or inhale smoke, you will be inhaling pure vapor as the Vaporizer mode is the best producing mode for quality and flavorful vapor.

Buying The NimbinVap 4.3 Portable Vaporizer

The NimbinVap Portable Vaporizer is your pure 100% medial grade hemp and beeswax using electrodes to built the construction of the NimbinVap which is a portable vaporizer made in the USA. This classic hemp wood finished portable vaporizer utilizes 8 different types of vaporization modes to be able to have many different types of unique vaporization modes using the old-school methods you use to use when you smoked with your friends, but this time you're vaping the herbs instead of turning the herb into smoke and burning it away. With The NimbinVap Vaporizer, you save yourself lots of money, over 8 grams per ounce which adds up to a lot of money being save, roughly $254 a month you save if you normally smoked 2 ounces a month. With the 85% more potency making you save more money, comes along the beneficial filtration of 95% of all carcinogens. Since we are eliminating all combustion methods even though it uses a flame, the combustion stopper will safely distance the herbs from the flame while directly producing light heat to create very rich, flavorful and very thick vapor. The nimbinVap 4.3 vaporizer is your favorite portable herbal vaporizer.

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Brands Other Brands
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection), OLED (Precise)
Warranty Info 2 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2015
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One, Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Temperature Range 200 - 435°F
Heating Technology Conduction (Heating Element)
Price Group Under $75
Color No
Vape Style Flame
Vape Height Under 4 Inches
vapor type Portable Kit


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