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  • Runs Without Balloons Or Pumps

  • Passes Hot Air Through A Cooling Coil

  • Powerful Robust Handheld Device

  • Economically Priced

  • Double Helix Ensuring Efficient

  • Analog Thermometer

  • Independent Temperature Control

  • Automatic Switch-Off

  • Certified by the German TÜV

  • Compliance with the European and North American Standards

  • 3 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty


1 x Herbal Filling Chamber
1 x Mouthpiece
3 x Normal Screen Set
2 x Tubing (Short)
2 x Tubing (Long)
1 x Cooling Coil
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Herbal Grinder

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


NimbinVap 4.0 uses conduction heating

Plenty Vaporizer

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The Plenty vaporizer is a handheld portable desktop vaporizer that uses convection vaporizer technology to precisely vaporize your herbal materials with the temperature display utilized from a temperature knob. The Plenty vaporizer is your best portable type of desktop vaporizer to use while using the quality whip vaporizer technology with a large herbal chamber which makes the Plenty vaporizer a very intriguing buy when comparing to other vaporizers. If you want a German made masterpiece, the Plenty vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for you to vaporize your herbal materials. This is such an intuitive vaporizer with plenty technology, the vaporizer simply create space between where the herbs go within The temperature in the Filling Chamber which is shown by an analog thermometer. To ensure efficient heating,  to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization, the double helix is the entire heating exchanger giving a wide temperature in the herbal chamber of 266°F to 395°F (130°C to 202°C). which overall is set up correctly to safely exchange heat while passing through the double stainless steel heating coils

The Diaphragm of the Plenty desktop vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer Features
The plenty vaporizer is made from the German makers of Storz & Bickel and is a very strong and powerful desktop vaporizer with temperature ranges of 266F - 395F which allows you to get the best temperature specific settings while adjusting to use the vaporizer with your herbal materials. The Analog thermometer is a temperature gauge that ensures and lets you know that you're getting the best heat at the vaporizers core temperature. The Bi-metallic regulator gives you the ease of the safest possible operations. The Plenty also uses a heat exchanged that comes fitted with a double helix to get the hot air effectively going up to the vaporizer which will produce you a high yield vaporization session to where the convection helix gauged controlled hot air will serve as the overall hot air generation to produce the highest quality, most pure vaporization every produced out of a vaporizer due to the extent of the filtration period to where the overall quality of air will be very cool outputting of course the very purest and best tasting cool vapor which is why the Plenty Desktop vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is by far one of the best rated, most efficent and effective portable desktop vaporization devices made to last. 

Plenty Design & Durability Features 
The Plenty has high quality stainless steel structuring the entire unit. The high tech thermal engineering enhances the vaporization experience giving you the best purity and flavorful taste for you to have great experiences using the Plenty vaporizer. With the stainless steel whip, it effectively cools the vapor as it passes from the heating chamber. The double helix heat exchanger gives you the most dynamic and pure vaporization experiences especially since the double helix heat exchanger uses ground-breaking thermodynamic vaporization experience. This type of heating technology helps you give the experience while taking half the time to heat your herbal materials.

plenty herbal chamber very large

Buying The Storz & Bickel Plenty Desktop Vaporizer For Sale

Overall when it comes down to buying The Plenty vaporizer, looking at all the mass-features this desktop vaporizer has in store for us from the Double helix heat exchanger is equipped to provide the purest and cleanest heating air to spread evenly through the herbal filling chamber. An analog thermometer uses a bi-metallic metric to display the pressured heating that intelligently flows right through the polycarbonate design with your thick heat-safe polycarbonate material which is made so strong it is graded to be scratch proof as well as ding proof making it a shock absorbing type of design material for the outter shell. The internal build of the vaporizer is made out of its own quality ceramic glass. The only metal path is the heating air-way the bring the heating sources air up to the cooling cables and through to the herbal chamber against the herbs within the chamber that holds over 1 gram of herbs within the herbal chamber as the hot air pressure and the control of the double helix will program the exact real-time vapor to free-flow through the stainless steel cords as a silicone mouthpiece ends off the stainless steel cord which out would come really high quality vapor production.... The Plenty  is your best type of handheld desktop vaporizer to use giving you the convenience feature, to gripping the plenty which can portably use while vaping and using your Plenty at home while its plugged up into the outlet. The Plenty is designed to be used internationally in any country since it uses 110v and 220v electrical output. The Plenty has been rated one of the top desktop vaporizer's  in the world winning multiple awards from many of the top events ,featured in High Times Magazine Reviews and many other media outlets..

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Additional Information

Brands Storz & Bickel
Temperature Type Temperature Knob
Temperature Range 266°F to 395°F (130°C to 202°C)
Heating Technology Dual (Convection & Conduction)
Year Invented 2014
vapor type Desktop Herb
Vape Height 7 Inches
Price Group Under $250
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs
Warranty Info 3 Year Warranty
Vape Style Forced Air
Color No


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