Plenty Vaporizer

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  • Runs Without Balloons Or Pumps

  • Passes Hot Air Through A Cooling Coil

  • Powerful Robust Handheld Device

  • Economically Priced

  • Double Helix Ensuring Efficient

  • Analog Thermometer

  • Independent Temperature Control

  • Automatic Switch-Off

  • Certified by the German TÜV

  • Compliance with the European and North American Standards

  • 3 Year Full Manufacturers Warranty


1 x Herbal Filling Chamber
1 x Mouthpiece
3 x Normal Screen Set
2 x Tubing (Short)
2 x Tubing (Long)
1 x Cooling Coil
1 x Liquid Pad
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Herbal Grinder

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


NimbinVap 4.0 uses conduction heating