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The KandyPens Donuts is considered to be one of the best wax vape pens in the world. It is a sleek built vaporizer that has a matte black glossy smoothness to it making for a sleek, slender and slippery finish to ensure the shine and has the enhancing glow to give for a perfect overall look making it a more premium paint job similar to a new-age sports car.

kandypens donuts atomizer

KandyPens Donuts Premium Vape Pen
This is one vape pen that can go down in your playbook as being the star in your lineup of high quality and only the best made wax pen vapor product. With a very durable design structure and premium atomizers, this is the wax vape pen that will finish the entire botanical off without leaving a trace. SLoBuRN Technology leads the way in vaporization innovation to be able to taste every bit of the botanical to be able to enjoy the smoothness, flavorful and potent, mind-alluring medicine.

KandyPens Donuts Design
This vape pen is made with the best quality anti-scratch gloss giving it an incredible and maximum durable finish that won't ever crack, rust, scratch up and will end up auto-repairing its body if it does get dinged up. The KandyPens Donuts uses that anodized stainless steel structure with by far the best materials built within the atomizers.

KandyPens Donuts Atomizer Design
kandypens donuts atomizer

When it comes down to the type of materials in the KandyPens Donuts atomisers have within them, you can't compare cheap metals and thin layered glasses to Quartz Crystal glass. It is a special designed glass that won't absorb any type of heat which would end up creating combustion, charred taste or hot spots making the vaping sessions less quality. When you use these atomizers that have Quartz Crystal in them, you end up getting the most optimal experience to finally being able to taste what you've been dying to milk out of the wax shatter and hash oil, the THC!

Buying The KandyPens Donuts
The KandyPens Donuts high quality wax vape pen is one of the best in the business. It uses quality quartz crystal glass which is going to be the best possible type of crystallization types of glass you can use to have the best possible vaping experience. If there's a better quality vaporizer out there like the KandyPens Executive, you want to make sure the best is going to be purchased. With all the quality technology out there the KandyPens Donuts is by far the greatest invention for you to buy. Having the most optimal experience is what the consumer seeks when it all comes down to wanting to buy the best possible vaporizer like the KandyPens Donuts vaporizer. With a sleek an elegant design with a gloss finish, the Donuts vaporizer is by far the best type of vaporizer you can buy when it all comes down to the best type of vape pen you want.

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Regular Price: $109.95

Special Price $99.95