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Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer Double click on above image to view full picture



  • 3300 mAh battery (Summit PLUS improvement!)

  • Smartphone (Android/iPhone) temperature control via Bluetooth (Summit PLUS improvement!) - Apps available in June 2016

  • Stir tool - remove to stir, mix and pack (Summit PLUS improvement!)

  • Maximum flavour

  • Ergonomic grip

  • 8 temperature settings

  • Vibration notification

  • Weather friendly (IP54 rated) with USB protection

1 x Summit vaporizer by Vapium
1 x Micro USB Power Adapter and Wall Charger
1 x Dry Bag
1 x Cleaning Kit with Cleaning Brush, Elongated Cleaning Brushes, Cleaning Wipes, Stir/Pick Tool, and Extra Screens
1 x User Manual

ascent is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


ascent is a convection vaporizer

Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer

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Regular Price: $169.95

Special Price $149.95

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Newest portable vaporizer the Summit plus by the manufacturers Vapium. This is a high quality portable vaporizer manufacturer, the specializes in building some of the best portable vaporizer units in the world that have the most intuitive technology and strict design features which keep the vaporizer strongly secured and ready to vape at all times regardless of the conditions. In case you don't know, the Vapium Summit Plus is a vaporizer kit designed for out door activities and to be used in the most hazardous conditions which makes this portable vaporizer one of the best, off-road units that you would be able to take and use anywhere regardless of what type of conditions we are faced with on a daily basis, we have you get the most vaporization density out of your experience so you can feel out to use this powerful unit vaporizing your aromatherapy blends experiencing the most tasteful and flavorful vaping experience you've never actually had a chance to endure.

Summit Plus Battery & Performance
The Summit Plus portable herbal vaporizer is a high quality herbal vaporizer that performs is unmatched. Striving to beat the Summit in overall user-satisfaction would be nearly impossible. The Plus uses a 3300mAH battery filled with lots of energy stored in the lithium ion battery which is completely removable as well as rechargeable. The Summit plus gives the user an upper hand over its predecessors with the amount of battery power it carries. It charges using pass-through charging which is a huge benefits to users that use the unit's battery up fairly quickly. With pass-through charging, you just plug the Summit Plus onto the micro-usb cord and it can charge while using the vaporizer, making this a more convenient solution than having to wait for the charger to finish its job by fully charging the Summit Plus.

Summit Plus Design
The Summit Plus design is similar to its original version. It is still built with its high quality components of what make it the summit portable herbal vaporizer. It is built wirth stainless steel structure and a little bit of polycarbonate material which is a medical/heat grade lightweight plastic which is an easier set up to take around and use on-the-go. The Summit vaporizer is only 7 inches long, still a small length to be able to fit in your pocket without much hassle. The vaporizer is built with an Ergonomic easy-grip design making holding, carrying and using the portable unit a whole lot easier than one built without this feature. The Summit vaporizer uses both 110v and 220v charging, international friendly charging options as this is a vaporizer every type of person needs to be using in their household. The Summit Plus has a tethered magnetic lid you pop off to where you can store your smaller accessories inside it since it is a travel vape, it is a confienent solution. The Vapium Summit Plus is designed with IP54 rating certified to protect itself from any dust allergens or water splashing within the vaporizer. Having a water proof design that's wind-proof and dust-proof makes it an important asset to have the summit plus portable vaporizer so you can have the best vaping options when you want a high quality vaporizer to vape your herbal blends at any given time without any combustion or any defects when using the vaporizer. The Vapium Summit Plus promises to be the go 2 vaporizer that you will use as your favorite device.

Summit Plus Performance & Features
The Vapium Summit plus is the brand new portable herbal vaporizer of the century. With lots of marketing being done to promote its uncanny strategic vaping features that no other vaporizer features. The herbal chamber magnetically is connected to the battery and snaps right off. This makes it easy to attach and detach despite the worst whether conditions as this is an outdoor portable vaporizer capable of not being able to compete with as an all-purpose, sporting vaporizer. Presing the "GO Button" will turn the summit on and adjusting the plus and minus options is how you can easily change the temperature by increasing (+) and decreasing with (-). The Temperature ranges of the Vapium Summit Plus is 330 Degrees Fahrenheit to 440 Degrees Fahrenheit. The LED lights will allow you to know the precise battery level at any given time so you know what type of performance you have left. The vaporizer has advanced air-flow vents built within the ergonomic design to give you the best heating with all purpose food-safe and heat-safe material. The vaping path of the Plus is all-glass-on-glass vaping so you won't ever taste any type of carcinogenic altering taste. With 3300mAH of battery within its lithium ion core, the Vapium Summit Plus is definitely equipped for long-term outdoor use as this amount of battery is capable of lasting for over 6 hours of continuous use. With the advanced temperature settings the Plus encumbers, it needs the technology to be precise at all times to give the best vaping experience.

Buy The Vapium Summit Plus Portable Vaporizer
The Vapium Summit Plus is the newest and greatest vaporizer of its class. It features an indestructible outer core built out of stainless steel with ergonomic polycarbonate design features to make it easy to grip, carry and use. The unit has a strong, powerful 3300mAH lithium ion battery which can hold energy levels with a full continuous cycle of vaporization for over 6 hours at maximum temperatures. The temperature range of 330 - 440 degrees Fahrenheit give it a very wide band of heating for you to use your favorite herbs and increase the intensity of the vapor session by increasing the Fahrenheit level using the (+)/(-) buttons to increase/decrease the temperature settings. This is an outdoor vaporizer that has ceramic glass lining within its stainless steel air-passageway to emphasize the amount of strength and resistance this outdoor vaporizer has. It is the perfect vaporizer to use within any type of weather condition as you can use it in the hottest / wet atmosphere to the coldest and cilling winter seasons. The design can be used from surfers to snow boarders while performing at the top with all the incredible design sectors and features one small portable herbal vaporizer can use.

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Additional Information

Brands Other Brands
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection), OLED (Precise), Smart Phone Control
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2016
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One, Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Temperature Range 330°F - 440°F
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Price Group Under $150
Color Black
Vape Style Handheld Draw, Portable Draw
Vape Height 7 Inches
vapor type Portable Herb


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