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VaporCup Deluxe Vaporizer Double click on above image to view full picture



  • Quick Heat-Up Time

  • Handheld Design

  • Accurate Temperature Control System

  • Stainless Steel Cooling Coil

  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature

  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Vapor cup deluxe

  • Lithium lon battery

  • Glass straw

  • Plastic straw

  • Scoop tool

  • Tamper tool

  • Hot tip mouthpiece

  • Cleaning pick

  • Small brush

  • Large brush

  • Screen assortment

  • Power cord adapter

  • Charging base

ascent is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


ascent is a convection vaporizer

VaporCup Deluxe Vaporizer

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The VaporCup
With the two types of ways you want to vape, one being the quick sessions mode or a long and relaxed session that can be used with your peers, the Vaporcup will work with whatever you throw at it from the fingertips of your controls, you set the type of temperature you want to use when vaping. You simply can quickly pack your herbs at the end of the glass straw-stem which will allow you to quickly vape when on the go and in a hurry or you can load your herbs in the herbal chamber and vaporize when it is time you want to relax. The Discreet design of the VaporCup eliminates and suspicion in what you're actually doing, a perfect private vaporizer to own. This is the newest and most elaborate portable vaporizer to hit the market late in 2015 and supplies are limited, act now and purchase the VaporCup while it is still in stock.

The VaporCup Deluxe is one of the premier portable vaporizers that sell the most out of all the other portable vaporizers. It is a premium unit that many people love to use. It encumbers many of the best quality features that customers seek when ordering a unit with technology to give a great performance, for ease-of-use and quality vaporization. The VaporCup Deluxe portable herbal vaporizer has every type of feature you'd want in a quality vaporizer to get the best vaporization experience that no other vaporizer would feature. It has the most intuitive technology components you can set the unit to perform custom to how you want it to heat up, enjoy the thick and flavorful vapor and never worry about combustion when using this unit. The VaporCup Deluxe is built out of premium grade materials, made out of gifg quality stainless steel finish and has a removable heating chamber which is going to make cleaning very easy to do when it comes down to the responsibility for making sure the herbal chamber is completely clean. Nothing but a rich and flavorful experience to accompany your sessions while you're using the VaporCup Deluxe portable vaporizer.

VaporCup Deluxe Advanced Performance
When using a top-of-the-line premium product, you want to make sure you get what you pay for. The VaporCup Deluxe is a unit you'll get your monie's worth so you can make sure you're getting the intended results that you'd expect out of a device you're paying upwards of $200 for. The Vaporcup has a discreet look making it a truly unique vaporizer. The performance provides you with the best performance you can want out of a unit that doesn't have any sound to it making it stealth silent with battery life that will have 2 hours of life if you were to use it at the highest setting.

The Storage Lid seals in all of the odor which is the main door on top of the VaporCup that holds all the internal parts within the herbal chamber. There's two different methods you can use the VaporCup. Each method has Its own benefit and it really just depends what type of mood you're in. The Screw top is what holds in the heat, it is the part that keeps an air-tight seal around acting as the heating barrier. When you need to charge the VaporCup you simply put the VaporCup on the charging dock where it sits

There's different straw options to use the Vaporcup, these options are made for the specific types of methods to use while vaping, it all depends on what mood you're in. You can view the temperature by viewing the OLED screen to precisely set the temperature. Adjusting the temperature is very simple when you can control it with the (+) or (-) controls. You press the large black button to power on the VaporCup or turn it off. You must flip the VaporCup upside down and flick the On/Off switch before toy can actually turn on the device since this is the button to turn on for the master power button before being able to press the big black button to power on the device before you can actually see the OLED screen turn on. You use the small buttons for plus and minus symbols which will control the precise Fahrenheit Level of the temperature display.

VaporCup Different Performance Methods

VaporCup Glass Straw Method
The Glass Straw method for the Vapor Cup is one type of method that is quick and clean. The glass straw will have a small chamber at one end to where you place the straw. The straw will have a small chamber at one end and that's where you place the straw in, use the plastic cleaning tool to push the screen inside the bottom of the straw where the chamber is. Grind your herbs and use the scoop tool to put the herbs inside the straw where the chamber is. Remove the storage lid and turn the screw cap counter clock-wise to have access to the heating chamber, insert the glass straw into the heating chamber and pack the herbs deeper down with the slim end of the cleaning tool. If you're trying to be extra discreet you need to put the lid back on.

Plastic Sreaw & Cap Method

This is the second method to use the VaporCup Deluxe and is very simple. Remove the storage cap and unscrew the screw cap and lift the screw cap out. You want to ground the herb finely and place it into the scoop tool which is going to be placed directly into the heating chamber. Use the tamper tool to pack in the herbs deeper inside the herbal chamber and put the screw cap back in. You add plastic straw back in and put on the storage lid back on so you're in complete discrete mode. No one will ever understand what you're doing as you're completely discreet in discreet mode since the unit looks like a simple travel mug.

There's a Hot Mouth Tip Method as well to where you're in complete discreet mode by using the storage cap and resting that part over. The Hot Mouth Tip Mode handles higher heat and is completely safe for your lips and will not burn them. This is for the highest heating levels and should only be used by users that know exactly the temperature they need to use at the highest heating setting.

VaporCup Design
The unique design of the VaporCup makes it a very unique vaporizer to deal with and the entire goal is to understand the basic construction of the vaporizer as a travel mug by itself. The VaporCup is a high quality portable vaporizer, it look just like a Travel mug and the buttons within the middle are what powers the unit. The VaporCups is constructed outside with poly-carbonate heat-safe plastic, the internal structuring the outside is made out of anodized stainless steel alloy, the inside of the vaporizer is made out of ceramic glass and metals. The VaporCup heats up with convection heating as the glass stem is where you load your flower material and you set it inside either the glass straw or the actual heating chamber itself. It comes with a ceramic screen or a stainless steel screw. Depending on the method of vaping style you choose will mean which screen you use. You will use the glass screen when you load the herbs directly in the oven-tech baking system and when you use the glass straw method, you would just use the glass straw and insert the stainless steel screen which is perfect for you to load your materials inside and get the most out of your vaping.

Cleaning The Vapor Cup
To Clean the VaporCup Deluxe is very easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the straw, storage lid which you unscrew it counter-clockwise. Turn VaporCup upside down and just shake out the Debris. You will expose the heating chamber so you can clean by removing the seal ring and remove the stainless steel chamber so you can pry out the stainless steel screen which can easily be lifted out of the chamber with one of the cleaning tools. also to remove the brass outer chamber which should be cleaned as well only if there's any residue left. It is best to leave the Brass metal chamber alone as long as there's no residue left on it.

VaporCup Deluxe Vaporizer For Sale
When you're looking to buy a vaporizer that looks just like a travel mug, it is the best thing for you to understand that you're buying a top-of-the-line unit that gives you the best vaporization sessions to give you a discreet look without any odors. The VaporCup doesn't ever emit odor to give away what you're vaping as the internals are made up of air-tight seals to lock inside the chamber so you don't have to worry about any vapor escaping out. The VaporCup is one of the best vaporizers in the world and is going to be the best for years to come being made out of polycarbonate material, reinforced with stainless steel structure and a ceramic glass internal base having two different methods of vaporization when you want to use the vaporizer. The VaporCup Deluxe is yours at a very appropriate price when you're trying to buy it and you get it covered by us with a full manufacturers warranty so you get the best price on the internet when you shop at HealthVaporizers.Com as we provide you with the best customer service.

You understand you're buying one of the best vaporizers in the world so you can get the best possible vaporization and filter out 95% of all carcinogens when you're using this unit. You also get 85% more potency as well when you use a vaporizer so you will understand you will get highest quality vaporization.

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Additional Information

Brands Other Brands
Temperature Type OLED (Precise)
Warranty Info 2 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2016
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs
Temperature Range No
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Price Group Under $250
Color Black
Vape Style Handheld Draw, Portable Draw
Vape Height 6 Inches
vapor type Portable Herb


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