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Vaporite Vaporizers for sale are becoming one of the most popular name brand vaporizers in the world. They're a respected manufacturer for the best types of desktop vaporizers ever made. They specialize in quality but affordable convection vaporizer technology and are emerging as leaders in herbal / wax vape pens that utilize titanium technology. The Vaporite vaporizers keep expanding with lots of new technology haven't seen in this industry yet. One of the biggest innovations is the Vaporite Cosmic herbal vape pen which features blue-tooth technology, an advanced portable pen vaporizer to precisely and evenly vaporize your herbs without combustion since it uses convection vaporization technology capabilities with magnetic field charging, making for the 2200mAH battery to last over 2 hours and take 45 minutes to charge. Vaporite works hard on making sure their vaporizers are up to date with the most technology in the industry! vaporite vapes