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Vaporite Platinum Plus Features:


  • 3-in-1 Functionality

  • Compatible with Herbs, Oils, Wax

  • Smart Tank Detection

  • Automatic Power Adjustment

  • Carbon Fiber Sub-Ohm Battery

  • 0.5Ω - 3.0Ω Coil Resistance Range

  • Variable Wattage

  • 40W Maximum Output

  • Temperature Control

  • Adjustable Airflow Control

  • Induction Heating Technology

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • Advanced Safety Protections

  • Passthrough Charging

Vaporite Platinum Plus (INCLUDES):


1 x Carbon Fiber Sub-Ohm Battery
1 x E-Juice Tank w/ Coil
1 x Wax Chamber w/ Atomizer
1 x Dry Herb Attachment
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Protective Carrying Case
1 x Mesh Carrying Bag
1 x Instruction Booklet

Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


Vaporite Platinum Plus Induction Vaporizer

Vaporite Platinum Plus

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Vaporite Platinum Plus is a extremely high quality and new smart pen vaporizer system with plenty of new features that we haven't seen in this product and the original before. It is a package device capable of vaping all the different types of substances out there that no other vape pen can do. When you want a high quality vaporizer, it is the Vaporite Platinum vaporizer that's going to give you all the best vaping experience possible that nothing can come close it. It has plenty of technology like Blue-tooth technology to where you can synchronize the performance from your smart-phone to the vaporite Plus because of the Micro-processor chip inside it, it is capable of being completely gauged, controlled and monitored for the best possible results you won't see in a normal vaporizer kit. Vaporite always does big things and the design of the Vaporite Platinum plus is a big step up this company is taking to ensure the best possible results from a quality vaporizer like this one.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Smart Vaping Technology With Blue-tooth Enablement Settings
This is one of very few pen vaporizer devices that are equipped with smart vaping technology that uses a micro-processor to detect the goods being vaped and the performance levels being gauged for the most optimize setting that will give you the best experience out of any pen vaporizer kit out there. One out of very few vaporizer kits that offers 3 unique vaporizers in 1 kit making it the most expensive pen vaporizer kit in the world since it has so much technology to utilize. With Blue-Tooth technology, this vaporizer kit is going to give you the biggest and best vaporization experience that no other vaporizer can possible perform at these high levels. You go to the Vaporite Application on the App store or Google Play Store and located the app to install on your iOS or Android device and you will now have access to remotely control this smart vape pen kit to deliver the highest level vaporization settings to be able to control the precise wattage and temperature control settings as well as gauge your personal vaping stats, record past vaping settings, personal vaping assessments, puff counter, variable vaporization setting performance, vaping times, specific system analytics as well as optimal performance tips and advanced stats of material detection, attachment detection as well as overall statistic optimal vaporization settings making this one of the most advanced vaporization systems in the world. .

Vaporite Platinum Plus Power
The Vaporite Platinum Plus is a quality vape pen that has a 3 in 1 system to vaporize your oils, waxes and herbs. It has an auto-tank detection built in perfect for the vaporizer to know how many pulls you have left in the tank. It uses a carbon fiber Sub-ohm battery with a good resistance of .5 ohms to 3.0 ohm. It uses variable voltage output options with over 40 watts of power for you to be able to alter the temperature of the vaporizer. The Vaporite Platinum Plus is the go to vaporizer for all your vaporization needs. It is going to be the vaporizer that gets the job done. It uses smart technology and can tell when it needs to be refilled with new materials inside the high-quality ceramic heating elements powered by`Induction vaporization. A powerful vaporizer with over 2200mAh of power in the carbon fiber battery featuring SubXero technology, the Vaporite Platinum plus is a small and compact pen vaporizer. It has strong heating element capable of being able to perfectly vaporize your herbs seamlessly and effectively to give you the best possible vaping experience that you cant find anywhere else as this is the vape pen kit that will be the answer for your vaping needs. The Platinum plus is a unit that will vape to the highest caliber when you're trying to use a vaporizer that works well. With over 40 watts to use and a 2200mAH battery, with this power system you can get whatever functionality you want when it comes down to the power, quality, the performance is better than any other pen vaporizer system in the world. The power and precision this pen vaporizer will deliver is just going to give you the biggest and best pulls you can ever imagine out of this perfect heating system. Whether you're using this pen vaporizer for a variety of different herbal density and moisture levels or if you want to super-dab with the Platinum Plus, nevertheless, this is going to be the best powerhouse system that will deliver the best results out of any other vape pen out there.

Vaporite Platinum Plus 3 in 1 Performance
This is the vaporizer that is going to give you the best and biggest results that no other pen vaporizer can do. This is in theory a pen vaporizer / box mod which a mod is a battery on steroids to give you the strongest results that no other battery can perform with this type of heating levels. You have the ability to adjust the vaporizer to vape the different viscosity and type of materials you have to throw in each atomizer which will always give you the biggest and best vaporization especially since this pen vaporizer specifically uses induction heating system. You can vaporize your e-juices, hash oils, wax shatter and herbal vaping materials. Each atomizer is specifically designed to vape each type of material that can be vaped as each type of atomizer is designed to a high level of technologically advanced materials and tech gadgets that will give you the top-of-the-line performance you've always wanted in your vaporizer. The technology and performance level will amaze you with the simple fact that this vaporizer has auto-detection the type of tank that's attached to the battery setting you up with a vaporizer that only gives you the biggest and best results out of any type of vape pen out there.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Liquid Concentrates
This is the best vaporizer for liquids as the adjustable air-flow controls will give you the highest vapor density with extreme air-flow. It uses replaceable BVC coils that use Japanese Organic cotton wicks and a really high quality Pyrex glass chamber with the glass mouthpiece. The battery sensitivity is as soft to roll with the lowest of sub-ohms of .5ohms all the way up to the hardest glass tanks of 3.0ohms as you can synchronize the power with its adjustable wattage levels having 3 different colored LED lights to guide you with the right setting that will work best for your perfect performance levels; 20 Watt perfomance Dark Blue, 30 Watt Performance Green, 40 Watt Performance Red. The lowest wattage setting is still a powerful level of wattage to be using for a simple vaporizer battery system. This is a vaporizer type of battery on steroids.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Wax Concentrates
The wicked dual-coil atomizer uses the highest quality, thick-Pyrex glass chamber and mouthpiece that has a wax tank specifically designed to give the best wax dabbing performance of a life-time to pure dabbing junkies that are chasing the biggest and best of dabbing performance. The Vaporite Platinum Plus gives the user the perfect performance setting that no other wax dabbing machine can even come close to using. This is the vaporizer that's going to give its users the biggest and the best performance for a pen vaporizer unit. All you have to do is load your favorite Wax shatter or oil concentrate that you want to dab inside the atomizer and give yourself whatever temperature setting you'd like to use. Dark Blue LED light is the lowest wattage level of (20 Watts), Green is (30 Watts), Red is (40 Watts). Each level will give you a different performance level as you will be able to get the biggest, best and most intense dabbing sessions that you haven't experienced yet.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Dry Herbs
Screw on the dry herb chamber and the advanced LED temperature control lights will guide you with the perfect Fahrenheit temperature level settings. You will notice that you finally will be able to set the perfect temperature to purely taste the pure vaporization of the botanical with the Platinum plus vaporizer giving you the biggest and the best vaporization experience you haven't seen in a pen vaporizer like the Platinum plus. The amazing functionality is going to show you how powerful this unit is going to be. All you have to do is set the adjustable temperature setting you want to select as there are 3 levels: Light Blue (365°F), Yellow (420°F) and Purple (440°F). You set your herbs inside a steal oven chamber that has no open coil which will ensure a pure induction heating vaping system that will never burn or reach the combustion level for your botanical with a pure vaping experience you will get the best and tip-top vaporization levels.

 Buying The Vaporite Platinum Plus 
When it comes down to buying the very best vaporizer kits in the world, the Vaporite Platinum Plus kit is by far the best pen vaporizer kit in the world. If you're trying to buy high quality pen vaporizers, the Vaporite Platinum plus is the best out of the best as it is a smart vaporizer kit system. It has 3-in-1 functionality with smart vape microprocessor technology which you can synchronize your smart phone with the Vaporite Platinum Plus and get real time advanced analytical, performance levels and better optimization settings. When you want a vaporize kit that does the job, it is the Vaporite Platinum plus that will give you hands down the best vaporization experience. You have complete control of everything including the wattage levels and the exact Fahrenheit settings. You can use the Vaporite Platinum Plus features even if you don't have a smart phone which makes it an extremely versatile vaporizer that you can get the best functionality out of this unit. Whether it is vaping hash oils, wax shatter or your herbs, the Vaporite Platinum plus is going to be the best vaporizer to get the job done. The vaporizer is constructed out of pure stainless steel and you get the best ceramic herb chamber with strong pyrex glass vaporizer tanks with Japanese cotton as the BVC coils for the tanks are the best in the business and will last the longest. The wax tank is completely made out of thick, hand-blown Pyrex glass which can sustain falls to a degree without shattering the glass. The herbal chamber is made out of complete steel lined with ceramic glass which will give you the glass-on-glass vaping path. Each chamber has an adjustable gauge so you can control the amount of air-flow going to and from your chambers. It is the smart vape pens like the Vaporite Platinum Plus kit that's going to be your best friend. This is an easy-to-use kit that is very easy to transport anywhere and any place you have to go as it is light weight and the dimensions are small enough to fit in your pocket being 2.25 x 4.25 x 7.25 in., comes with a carrying case and will deliver you the best vaporization experience no other vaporizer can give you. This smart vaporizer may be the most expensive vaporizer pen kit in the world but it is hands down the best vaporizer kit you're going to buy that can be taken anywhere without giving off and odor while being extremely discreet, lightweight and short enough to fit inside any pocket.

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Additional Information

Brands Vaporite
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection), Smart Phone Control
Warranty Info 1 Year Warranty
Year Invented 2015
Vaporizer Compatibility All In One
Temperature Range 365°F - 440°F (20W - 40Watts)
Heating Technology Induction (Magnetic Heating)
Price Group Under $200
Color Silver
Vape Style Handheld Draw
Vape Height 7 Inches
vapor type Pen Kit


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