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Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Double click on above image to view full picture


What is included with the Stratus 4-in-1?

  • 1 Stratus 900 mAh battery

  • 1 MT3 BCC liquid tank

  • 1 dry herb heating chamber

  • 1 wax heating chamber

  • 1 globe atomizer for waxy oil

  • 2 rubber mouthpieces

  • 2 chamber connectors

  • 1 user manual

  • 1 USB charger

  • 1 wall charger

  • 1 cleaning brush

  • 1 packing tool



  • LCD indicator

  • 900 mAh battery

  • Wax and dry herb heating chamber

  • Globe atomizer for waxy oil

  • Charging Voltage- 4.2V

  • Charging Current- 420 mAh

  • Battery Capacity- 900 mAh

  • Battery Life- 300 recharges

  • Charging Time- 3-4 hours

  • MT3 BCC Atomizer Capacity- 1.6 mL

Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1

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The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 is one of the top vape pens for sale online. It sells for a really low price for the amount of quality you get with this unit. It comes with 4 different attachments to where you'll be able to vape your favorite herbs, oils, waxes and liquid-wax tinctures. The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 is made out of high quality titanium and utilizes a titanium heating coil whitch will give you perfect functionality to have a great vaporization experience.

Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Design
Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 is a compact, sleek and stylish black vape pen that is able to use anywhere and any place for hours on a full charge. This unit is built out of very quality material. The outside structure is reenforced with steel structure, a heat resistance plastic layer is wrapper around the structure of the steel. There's an LED Puff Counter indicator light on the battery. There's rubber mouthpiece located at the top and you get 2 chamber connectors. The unit will be able to easily fit in the palm of your hand, it is only 6" tall. This is the perfect vape pen for anyone that wants to be able to use any type of substance to use on the go.

Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Glass Globe Atomizer
This is one of the most popular attachments people buy. The Stratus 4-in-1 Glass Globe Atomizer is a perfect device to be able to vape wax shatter and will melt your tinctures to absorbe inside the quality material of the silica wick which ends up getting vaporized from the Titanium coil for you to enjoy a quality, combustion-free vaporization session.

Vaporite Stratus MT3 BCC Atomizer
This is the perfect liquid tank that has a capacity of 1.6 mL of liquid substance. This is the best attachment for you if you need to vape your liquid concentrates. It uses a double coil and doesn't use any sort of silica wick and it is a liquid tank to hold plenty of liquids for you to have great storage to be able to vape and carry on your experience on-the-go. Unlike other tanks which are made out of plastic, the MT3 BCC Atomizer, it is made of pyrex glass.

Vaporite Stratus Wax Cartridge
This is an attachment where you are able to dab your oil-wax substances for you to be able to vaporize your highly concentrated liquid wax substances. It utilizes a titanium open coil which is the latest and greatest technology to use in the dabbing section for vaping. The titanium coil will be able to withstand much and many wear and tear so you can feel at-ease knowing your coils will last a long time.

Vaporite Stratus Herb Cartridge
The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Vaporizer is a well balanced vape pen unit and comes with every possible element you need to do any type of method of vaporization. The open titanium coil embeded in the heating chamber that surrounds with high quality, thick-density, pyrex is capable of vaping around .4 grams of materials in the chamber. This will give you about 4-6 clean pulls before you should worry about combustion. Your first time using the herb chamber, you'd calibrate in your mind of how many pulls you should expect out of one session. Once you know the precise amount of pulls you get, you will know when you need to swap out the vaped material with pure material to vaporize with.

Vaporite Stratus Battery & Charger
The Vaporite Stratus comes with a 900 mAH powered battery which can be expected life of 4 hours continiously before having to worry about connecting it to the micr-USB charger. The battery shell is a durable stainless steel mold, folks over at Vaporite wanted you to understand for sure, it'd be impossible to smash or break this battery. The outside layer is a simple and comfortable high-tech, heat-safe plastic mold to give you added grip, leverage and comfortability. The Stratus charger holds a powerful 420 mAH charging current and 4.2 volts of insane power. The battery power is surely on steroids as this is one of the very few units that have such an extreme and powerful battery. 90% of all other vape pens hold a 1.5v of electrical output and only have less than 120 mAH of charging current.

I'm a Beginner, Would The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Be a Good Fit For Me?
If your intentions are vaping dry materials, waxes or liquids, then this is the perfect kit for you to use. You might be one of those vapers that have a favorite material you'd most often. If your favorite material is waxes and every nowandthen you vape dry materials, this is still the perfect kit for you since you wouldn't want to waste your money on an entire new herbal kit you wouldn't use that often when you simply have the Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Vape pen kit at your finger-tips with 4 different attachments ready to go which will always be there for you to use when you need to have a way to vape with at a split second, impulse descion.

Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Tips
We are going to save you headache when purchasing this unit, especially through our company since we want to represent the best vaporizers in the world. The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Pen Vaporizer kit easily falls in this category.

MAKE SURE!! --- As soon as you buy the Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Vape Pen Kit, you register your warranty immedietly by going online and finding the warranty link which you can CLICK HERE to follow. Your investment is protected for 6 months in case this unit stops functioning, doesn't heat properly, light flickers or any other mechanical or technical reason. You're covered and will get a brand new unit if yours simply doesn't function properly.

PRIME!! --- You want to make sure you prime all the attachments as the heating elements will have factory oil in them which is harmless but will have a bad taste and also interfer with the quality of vaporization. Prime each attachment (except for the oil tank) before you use the attachment for the very first time.

USING THE HERBAL CHAMBER!! --- When you load your herbs inside the herb chamber, make sure you gently put your herbs inside of it and pack down on it medium-compact filled up 90% of the chamber. MAKE SURE!! You take light cigar-like puffs when you first turn on the unit. It will feel like you're sipping on a straw. To turn the unit on, simply press the power button (QUICKLY) 5 times which will then be ready to heat up and use once you've attached a chamber and put the material inside. When you take enough cigar-like puffs, you'll notice lots of vapor emitting, you can then take harder pulls but never actually use your lungs to inhale like you'd do with a bong, pipe or joint. You will never get any type of vapor doing hard hitting. vaporizing is a different experience, you need to be patient with the device, it may not perform fully at first until you break the coil in to where the factor oil is completely burned off. Following this tip will prevent you from experiencing combustion which would completely eliminate the point of vaporizing.

Overall Summary Of The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1
The Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 Herbal Vaporizer kit is made 100% in the USA. Non of the parts are manufacturer overseas. You're getting the best quality you can possibly ask for when you purchase the Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 vaporizer. With the 4 different attachments, you have every method of vaporization at your finger-tips ready to go. There's no setting anything up so assembling the unit doesn't exist with the Vaporite Stratus. The fact that you get all of the attachments and acessories at the price we sell it for is by itself astonishing. Charging the unit is quick, above the normal voltage output making a powerful charge you'd expect the unit to be fully charged in less than 2 hours. The Vaporite Stratus easily fits in your pocket or purse and is compact, round and tightly built to have a comfortable fit in any area in your possession. You won't find any other unit that uses titanium technology besides the Dr. Dabber Ghost for the price we have listed.

Buy the Vaporite Stratus, own a very high quality vaporizer pen MADE IN THE USA and get quick & Free 2 day shipping. Take advantage of this price and unit while supplies last since the Vaporite Stratus is one of the best selling units in the industry.

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Additional Information

Brands Vaporite
Temperature Type LED (Level Selection)
Warranty Info No
Year Invented No
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs, Oils, Waxes
Temperature Range 365°F - 415°F
Heating Technology Conduction (Heating Element)
Price Group Under $100
Color Black
Vape Style Direct Draw
Vape Height 6 Inches
vapor type Pen Kit


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