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Vaporite Tantric Box Mod Kit Double click on above image to view full picture



  • Special Modes

  • Specifically Designed For Herbs

  • Inbuilt Herbal Chamber (Brass)

  • Watt & Temperature Control MOD

  • Support .3 Ohm Coils

  • 30 Watts Of Power

  • Up to 440°F

  • Glass Mouthpiece

  • Baking Technology (No Hot Spots)

  • 3 Ceramic Screens

  • USB Charger


  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece

  • 2 x Ceramic Screens

  • 1 x Cleaning Brush

  • 1 x Dab Tool

  • 1 x USB Charger 

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


NimbinVap 4.0 uses conduction heating

Vaporite Tantric Box Mod Kit

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Vaporite is a company who's a leader in creating the best pen vaporizers and has lately shifted over to creating and specialization with portable vaporizers, now we have a vaporizer specially made to use both ways. Its strategy is power, its focus is on everything while keeping the quality at the all-time high! It is called the Vaporite Tantric and is essentially a portable all-in-one vaporizer but technically a box mod. While increasing the amount of thick, quality and flavorful taste, the Tantric is really made to specialize and focuses on herbs, oils and waxes . The Vaporite Tantric has a very powerful battery storing lots of energy, has the portability and size small enough to fit inside your pocket and the weight to hold its durability, the Tantric is a masterpiece when it comes to being there for you with specific types of materials to be vaporized utilizing its advanced OLED screen and temperature control settings while having the correct atomizers to screw on to the Box Mod. The Tantric will be the perfect box mod, there for you, any time, any place.

Vaporite Tantric Advanced Design
The Vaporite Tantric is a heavy-duty box mod, made out of high-grade stainless steel it holds a strong weight of .5 pounds as the solid steel makes it a vaporizer confidently made with a life-time warranty which authenticates the hype for the durability and quality made materials. The Vaporite Tantric comes with 3 different types of attachments, with advanced and thick Pyrex glass as these attachments are built with the durability to be able to last for long periods of time using stainless steel coils, with the best ohms support starting at only .1ohms and can handle high ohm electrical output based off the amount of variable voltage and wattage delivered to these TopTank attachments, it makes for quality sessions as the Vaporite Tantric is arguably the top box mod of the year. The small dimensions of 1.25 x 5.25 x 3 in. are easily fit for the pockets to take on the go. The Atomizer and batteries are 510 threaded which means you can attach any 510 threaded attachments to the unit which is a versatile bonus.

Vaporite Tantric Advanced Performance
Te Tantric is a box mod vaporizer that has 3 different attachments designed for herbs, oils and concentrates. It uses a powerful battery to where you can set the wattage and control the temperature to over 440°F as the in-built herbal chamber uses baking technology to evenly use its anodized convection heating to be able to vaporize your herbs evenly as there's absolutely never any hot spots left when you're using the Tantric which makes it the only Box Mod able to use the herbal feature to maximize the optimization with the Tantric as this is a very unique and amazing vaporizer. The Vaporite Tantric also has low .3ohm support for oils and waxes, you can use the box mod to dab with any 510 threaded atomizer on the market which gives you plenty of options and you can use the large top tank to load your favorite hash oils inside.

Advanced Features For The Vaporite Tantric
The Vaporite Tantric has amazing versatility for their original ohms support for the atomizers it comes with. These atomizers are designed to support any variable voltage and wattage settings the powerful battery uses from the Box Mod. The OLED screen shows the ohms resistance metric which is a huge deal knowing that you have a Box mod that can use this metric to determine if the atomizer can be compatible with the Tantric's Box mod. The Vaporite Tantric can support as low as .3ohms which is a great thing to have as the e-liquids and dabbing is a big thing for consumers no a days and this is the metric to follow when you have a Box Mod that can display these metrics.

Vaporite Tantric Modes
The Vaporite Tantric Box Mod has the capacity of being set for the different modes for herbs as well as oils. You simply navigate with the OLED screen to select the mode based on what you have loaded inside the atomizer which is a pretty fitting feature that no other box mod carries.

Vaporite Tantric Herbal Mode
As an herbal vapor enthusiast, to have a Box Mod specifically dedicated for herbs is almost unheard of until the Vaporite Tantric was released. Now you can control the different modes with the herbal mode feature that the OLED screen controls with the specific type of temperature setting you need for the specific and various types of herbs you have to load in the atomizer. The Custom temperature settings will get the job done so you get a quality vaporization session every time without ever combusting your materials. This is a very unique thing to have when it comes down to owning the Vaporite Tantric.

Vaporite Tantric Concentrate Mode
Using the 510 threaded tank that comes with the Tantric, you can choose the concentrate mode and with this mode you simply screw on the cartridge to the Tantric's Box mod and you will enjoy the correct setting for the specific type of concentrate you have whether it is wax shatter, wax oil or e-liquids, the Tantric can be set customary to the mode you put it on. It has precise variable voltage and wattage settings to be able to use for the different modes. You can enjoy some massive rips when it comes down to vaping your waxes or oils using the Vaporite Tantric Box Mod portable vaporizer.

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