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Volcano Features:

  • Compatible With Oils & Waxes

  • Made in Germany

  • Titanium Dual Atomizer

  • Custom Fan Speed Power

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Splash Proof Mouthpiece

  • Very Durable Components

  • Valve Attachment To Lock Air For Over 12 Hours

  • Different Sets Of Vape Modes (Solid Valve or Easy Valve)

Volcano Accessories(INCLUDED):

2 x Glass Mouthpiece
2 x Internal Glass Stems
2 x Glass Oil Jars
1 x Stir Stick
1 x Carrying Pouch
3 x Replacement Screens
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Instruction Manual

Volcano EASY VALVE Complete Inflation Kit Includes:

  • 5 EASY VALVE balloons

  • filling chamber with cap

  • normal screen set

  • air filter set

  • liquid pad

  • cleaning brush

  • grinder

  • operating manual.

Volcano SOLID VALVEComplete Inflation Kit  Includes:


  • mouthpiece

  • filling chamber for herbs

  • normal screen set

  • air filter set

  • liquid pad

  • balloon tube (3m)

  • cleaning brush

  • grinder

  • operating manual.

ascent is compatible with herbs, oils, waxes 


Volcano is a forced air convection vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

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Regular Price: $689.95

Special Price $444.04

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Storz & Bickel released the Volcano vaporizer was released in August of 2011. The king of all desktop vaporizers, exceptional quality, amazing longevity and expensive German crafting, it is an exhilarating experience to be able to inhale pure vapor out of a balloon. Even though the Volcano is one of the more expensive desktop vaporizers, it is a very effective unit that holds the best german-crafted vaporizer technology you could want in a balloon bag delivery method vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer is still always going to be the iconic image, the vape of all vapes and the one vaporizer everyone still wants to own but can't really afford. With the Volcano, you can fill entire bags full of vapor of up to 8 hours using the valve to release any type of vapor the user desires.

Volcano Vaporizer Advanced System
Storz & Bickel created a perfect advanced Volcano vaporizer system. The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the only vaporizer kits to eliminate nearly 99% of all carcinogens to give you an advanced filtration of purified and highly potent vapor. With the Volcano vaporizer kit, you save nearly 9 grams of herbs per ounce of herbs vaped which ends up adding up to thousands of dollars a year especially when you use high-quality materials. The German-crafted vaporizer kit is divided up into 2 different valve kits;  Volcano Solid Valve set and the Volcano Easy Valve set.  The Volcano Solid Valve Kit simply allows you to custom set how big your balloons become and ends up costing less to replace the parts over time.  The Volcano Easy Valve kit is designed specifically for beginners but more so for anyone wanting a simple setup already ready to go with little setup time. Each valve sets perform exactly the same and seldomly have any performance benefits over each other. The only different performance will make is if you switch to a classic analog to where you will have to turn a dial to set your temperature, or if you want a more advanced version of digital control the precise temperature setting you want it to be set on to vaporize your materials. Either way, you go you'll still be getting one of the world's greatest vaporizers ever made in history and the investment will surely pay itself off.

Volcano Classic Analog Vaporizer
Owning the Classic Analog vaporizer will indeed save you more money initially and possibly in the long run. People view the Volcano Classic as the superior model since it uses fewer electronics, it holds its weight over time. There have been customers who purchased a Volcano from us back in 2011 when they first came out, they say "Still Works Like A Charm". Many vapor enthusiasts believe that the more technology in a vaporizer means more problems and complications and many users think that digital display will fry itself out over time and it is best to go with the simple and classic analog dial. The temperature specifications for the classic analog are 266°F and 446°F (130°C and 230°C) which is a little less precise control setting then that to the digital display but have the temperature settings to fully give you everything you need as far as heat settings and accurate enough measures to vaporize your intended materials.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer
The Volcano digital vaporizer performs exactly the same as the Volcano classic. The Volcano Digital Vaporizer costs more with a few more advanced options like the precise electronic control settings to where you can get as accurate as 1 degrees Fahrenheit of more heat compared to just setting it on the dial on a pre-set temperature selection. The temperature range for the Volcano digital is adjustable with over 180 possible temperature settings you can adjust to as the temperature range is; 266°F - 446°F (130°C - 230°C).Users the buy the Digital version use it for very specific vaporization specifications and have to own something with precise measurements. This option is best for particular consumers that test multiple types of strands. Since strands carry different moisture levels, botanical levels, density and thickness levels, temperature adjustment is key and the investment in the digital vaporizer is justified. 

Volcano Solid Valve Vs Easy Valve Set 

It is all your choice on exactly what type of valve set you should buy. The Easy Valve set is simply for people who want ease-of-use with less work. it is intended for beginner users and requires less work and maintenance. Skill level really doesn't matter overall. Experts and vapor enthusists will pick the Solid Valve set. This version requires more preparation time, customization and a certain skill level.Reynold's oven safe bags come in handy if you're to cheap to order at HealthVaporizers.com or simply just want a quick and unique set up. . With the Easy Valve Set, you get 5 Easy Valve Balloons with the starter set and proper filling chamber. You can clean and refill your bags if you must do so.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital Solid Valve Set

The Solid Valve set is the better investment over the long run since the parts are cheaper to replace if you want to keep your Volcano Vaporizer in optimal condition. Simple as they come, the Solid Valve set is a 10 foot roll of oven-safe, balloon bag material. You can buy replacement bags from Storz & Bickel or from Health Vaporizers for only $6.95. You will get 10 feet of materials. It is about the same price as you'd find in the stores of you wanted to locally get a rigged setup purchasing your own quality of balloon bags. T


  • 10 Feet Balloon Material
  • Solid Valve
  • Normal Screen Set
  • - 3x Lower Screen (No Hole) 
  • - 3x Upper Screen (With Hole) 
  • - Washer 
  • - Nut
  • Mouthpiece
  • Filling Chamber
  • Liquid Pad
  • Cleaning Brush

Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve Balloon Replacement (Cost $6.95)

  • Designed For Solid Valve
  • 10 ft. of Balloon Material
  • Cut To Your Preferred Size
  • OEM Storz & Bickel Product

Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, Volcano Digital Easy Valve Set

Easy Valve set comes pre-assembled and ready to go, use it right out-of-the-box. The Volcano Easy Valve Balloons have a fixed height of 2 Feet by default. You can purchase XL balloons to come with your Volcano vaporizer if the retailer offers this feature which rarely they do. The Easy Valve Kit is simple to work with, since it is assembled for you to easily use so you can vape quickly. The downfall is when you have to replace the balloons you'd have to purchase a new easy valve replacement set which costs $50. Overall the savings the Volcano Vaporizer offers will pay itself back when you calculate the figures and assumption you're saving 7g - 9g of herbal materials choosing to use a vaporizer.

Easy Valve Starter Set Comes With

  • 5x Easy Valve Balloons
  • 6x Normal Screens
  • Mouthpiece
  • Filling Chamber
  • Liquid Pad
  • Cleaning Brush

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Replacement Set Comes With: (Cost $49.99)

  • Designed For Easy Valve
  • 6x 2' Ballons
  • 6x Mouthpieces
  • OEM Storz & Bickel Product

Volcano Vaporizer Frequency of Bag Replacement
Getting the most use out of sometimes costly Volcano bALLoon kits ia the main GOAL and intention to save as much as you can. The Solid Valve Starter Kits roll of 3 meters of plastic wrap will yield 5-6 solid balloons. Saving the most money for upkeep is the main goal, you can find Reynolds oven safe bags at most supermarkets. You should get about 100+ full fills before worrying about replacing the bag with a new one. Replacing the filling chamber once a month is also a very important side note for optimal performance so you don't get the old residues mixed in with your new tastes which would alter the vaporization sessions to get bad tasting vapor. Volcano kit comes with 3 upper and 3 lower screens in the set, once the screens get used a certain amount of time and wear & tear kicks in, thinking to replace with new ones is the best option so no other parts get tremendous wear and tear.

Volcano Vaporizer For Sale
Now you may be ready to purchase a Storz & Bickel product but you must always read as much literature can find and make sure you are well informed of your pre-investment decision. both versions come with the manufacturer's 5-year warranty and are beefed up to run all day and produce flawless vapor. This will be the one vaporizer your friends would come over just to use. Buying the Volcano Classic Analog would probably be a good decision to go with since the only different between the Classic Analog and Digital version is the Volcano Digit has the automatic shutoff timer and the fact you can set the exact temperature of the Digit version to cater to very custom heat specifications you need to set for your specific flower density. Overall with the digital version, you will be able to preserve its youth as well as save electricity since it has the shut-off feature and the Volcano is designed to be able to run all day if necessary. Saving $130 might be more intriguing to you by getting the Classic Analog since the turn dial is very simple, easy and works just as effective

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Additional Information

Brands Storz & Bickel
Temperature Type OLED (Precise), Temperature Knob
Temperature Range No
Heating Technology Convection (Forced Air)
Year Invented 2012
vapor type Desktop Kit
Vape Height 7 Inches
Price Group Over $500
Vaporizer Compatibility Herbs
Warranty Info 5 Year Warranty
Vape Style Balloon Bag Style, Forced Air, Whip-Style
Color Silver


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