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Whip-Style Vaporizers

Whip-Style vaporizers for sale are the most popular type of vaporizer online, when it comes down to choosing some of the best desktop vaporizers for sale. Whip-Style Vaporizers are more affordable by using less technology and power with convection vaporizer heating. There are plenty of different types of desktop vaporizers online that use whip-style. Using a whip-style vaporizer, the units come with a whip-kit. Which feature a wand, whip, medical grade silicone tube and a glass mouthpiece.

Wands are what you slide into the heating rod of the whip-style vaporizer. You will use a whip to insert the herbal materials, then sliding it into the wand which acts simply as a connector to the heating element to safely load and change your herbs without getting burned. The Silicone tube will connect to the back of the wand and then using the glass mouthpiece, you simply insert into the silicone tube. Once you turn on your Whip-style vaporizer to begin the heating process. Taking light pulls the vapor is directly drawn up from the whip, through the silicone tube and out the mouthpiece safely pulling vapor out inhaling to get the pure, clean and filtered botanical safely into your lungs.

There are many different quality whip-style vaporizers, some even force the vapor through the whip system instead of the consumer hyperventilating themselves since an advanced fan system would do all the work. These are called Forced Air Vaporizers; and are typically marketed as balloon bag vaporizers. Although more expensive, it is well worth the investment. For a new person look to buy a cheap desktop unit, going with a whip-style vaporizer would be the wiser choice as forced air vaporizers take experience to begin to get good pulls from the system.